Working title for new party and the weeks ahead

Working Title

This is the fourth email sent to those expressing interest in a new conservative party…

Working Title and the Weeks Ahead

Always in a hurry, never in a rush. That’s the prevailing sentiment we’re maintaining for the sake of building this new party the right way. There’s a sense of urgency in place that must be harnessed. The angst we’re seeing within the conservative movement stems from a lack of solidarity and the unfortunate viable options we have in the current Presidential election. This is why we’re in a hurry. We must strike while the iron is hot.

We cannot be in a rush. That’s the mistake that dooms so many movements, parties, and initiatives. Moves are often made for the sake of convenience. Compromises are reached for the sake of motion when they were never necessary (and at times counterproductive). There’s a need for a vehicle to stand athwart history yelling, “stop.” However, it’s important to build that vehicle with today AND tomorrow firmly in our minds.

Always in a hurry.

Never in a rush.

We are currently planning a meeting for October with “thought leaders” of the conservative movement. Tea Party leaders, conservative journalists, and experienced party activists are coming together for a phone conference similar to the ones held by the early Tea Party founders. The goal is twofold: we want to plan out how to build the party effectively and I must make certain we thwart any shenanigans. This party must not become another venue where corruption and crony fundraising scams take root. There have been landmines placed for organizations such as ours. We need to know where they are so we can keep the party firmly grounded as a servant to the grassroots.

Corruption is one of the key factors that has prevented every other third party initiative in the last century from succeeding. We will not allow it to work its way into our party.

Working Title

To date, we have received over 300 party name recommendations. I asked for your help and you delivered in spades. We are narrowing them down now, but since so many have asked about a name, we’ve gone with a working title: Unified Conservative Party. Facebook allows us to change the name of our page one time, so we will be able to replace it once we have a final name selected. In the meantime, please go ahead and follow us on Facebook as well as on Twitter. Of course, it’s good to do the same for The New Americana as well: Facebook and Twitter.

News Updates

It would be very easy to make these emails huge. Often I’ll look down at the word count and realize that it’s already too long though I have so much more to say. To respect your time (and your sanity) we will be posting links to more detailed messages rather than putting the full messages in these emails. That way, you can choose which ones are of interest to you.

Some will be specific directions for the party itself. Others will be articles we’ve found that reinforce or echo the message we want to put out to the country. This will make these emails more valuable for you and anyone you share them with because you can reference the full messages at your convenience while still getting the gist through the emails themselves.

Here is our first batch of news updates:

  • High School Conservative Cruz Supporter Calls for a New Conservative Party: Many of us have felt very concerned about the future. We see kids today, the indoctrination that millions of them are receiving, and we wonder what will happen when they’re calling the shots. High schooler Megan Kerr is one of the reasons that we should hold onto hope.
  • As Trump Pushes Left, the GOP Follows Willfully, Even Gleefully: There’s a misconception held by some that Republican Party leadership is being held hostage. It’s thought that Trump is forcing them to support “fair” trade, expanding entitlements, increasing the minimum wage, offering government-funded maternity leave, and a handful of other liberal policy stances. In reality, Trump is giving the Establishment everything they ever wanted.
  • Republican Congress Caves on Everything, Then Leaves Town: Fund Planned Parenthood? Yep. Give away control of the internet? You bet. Pay for Obama’s executive order on transgender bathrooms? Of course! Policy riders to stem the flow of refugees or save the internet? Nope. What’s the point of having the “more conservative” party controlling Congress if they’re just going to be an extension of the President and Harry Reid? They caved on everything and got nothing in return.
  • Government Should Defend Our Flank and Let Us Make Things Happen: In the two-party big-government system, conservative values have no place. It’s big and getting bigger. We’re losing our rights when we should be empowered as individuals and businesses. The two things required to solve it: a new conservative party and a Convention of States.
  • Helplessness and Rage Can’t Become the New American Consensus: The age of personal responsibility is swiftly coming to an end. Democrats are pushing for it and most Republicans won’t stop it. Everything we’re seeing is due to a false sense of helplessness perpetuated by lies. The reality can be so much better if we can be unified in the fight for the values that America needs.
  • The 2016 Election Empowers Us to Finally End the Two-Party System: Finding a silver lining in this abysmal election cycle can be hard, but here it is: the end of the two-party system. It won’t be easy. We’ll need all the help we can get, but if we stay true to the conservative cause to save America, it can happen. There’s never been a better time to succeed than right now.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve been told by some people that we need to get everything fully launched before election day. Others have said we should shoot for the middle of the 2018 election cycle so we can wait to see how everything is going under the next President. We will be launching in early 2017 because that is how long it will take to reach a tipping point for relevance.

This is an encompassing project. We need to get as many early handraisers as possible to make it easier to achieve appropriate velocity. This is why I ask you, as always, to talk to your friends and family. Discuss us at work, school, or anywhere you have influence. Start the buzz on social media. Conservatism is under attack, but it can survive and thrive as long as we remain diligent.

Thank you and God Bless,

JD Rucker

If you want to receive updates about the new conservative party of if you have questions, email me – [email protected] – or fill out the form below.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. I appreciate and respect what you’re doing here. However the working title may be one of those things you don’t rush.

    Are there other contenders to choose from? Anything fresh and inspiring?

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