Debate night and yesterday’s links

Monday’s debate has dominated the news even until today. This batch of links includes the lead up to the awful event as well as some commentary on the event itself. Take a gander through the rest of the links as well. They’re probably even more interesting than the debate.

Hillary’s biggest handicap is her love for abortion

Clinton adviser dismisses, attacks polls showing her losing ground to Trump

Major news sources conceal Hillary’s mad, needless war on Libya

As Trump pushes left, the GOP willfully follows
As Trump pushes left, the GOP willfully follows…Politico: Amid Trump’s rise, GOP voters turn sharply away from free trade

Don't let it happen to you

No, progressives don’t want fair debate fact checks

Is the race slipping away from Hillary?

Democrat Douglas Wilder, America’s first black governor, accused the Democrat Party of taking black voters for granted

Americans don’t want Hillary’s trickle-down morality

Why Libertarians are the wasted vote

What Cruz didn’t (couldn’t) say in his endorsement of Trump

Gary Johnson talks climate change: “We do have to inhabit other planets”

PETA chickens out over Muslim sheep slaughter in Quebec

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