Trump makes it hard to communicate in complete sentences

Donald Trump

The events of the past couple of weeks have left me uncharacteristically at a loss of the ability to express myself in coherent thoughts and complete sentences. Now that I think of it, that may be an asset if I was trying to reach an audience of Trump supporters. If he wins, it may even become the preferred method of communication(?) and it will be beautiful, and everyone will… this new language, it will be the best and we’ll be winning… I have the best words, believe me.

Thank God the phone rang or I may have been stuck in Trumpspeak until my wife got home from work.

I have been terribly conflicted by the apparent betrayal of Ted Cruz. I must admit that upon hearing of his endorsement of a man who insulted his wife, denigrated his father, and repeatedly called him a liar, I kind of waited for Ted to yell “April Fools!” I would have been able to forgive him for the fact that it was still September. When that didn’t happen, I found myself feeling like the kid in the apocryphal Black Sox scandal news story pleading “Say it ain’t so, Joe.” It is devastating when someone in whom you had so much faith lets you down.

I spent a lot of time reading various articles from reputable sources on Cruz’ possible motives for boarding the Trump train. The suggestion Cruz decided to finally honor his word of support for the nominee didn’t seem to ring true. The more plausible reason appears to be Cruz’ reaction to the RNC threat of withholding support for anyone who dared defy the Establishment as articulated by Reinse Quisling (I’m sorry, Priebus).

Reports of Republicans challenging Ted in the 2018 primary are rampant. The possibility of losing substantial financial support in the short time remaining and the likelihood of that money being used against him to favor a puppet hand picked by party hacks and donors is strong motivation to get on board even if Trump ensures your seat will be the worst one in business class.

I have continued to follow the rare Ted Cruz interviews with great interest. Ted has been relegated to obscurity, still on the team, but even farther from the action than the third string quarterback. But Ted may be working on a new part of his game. The usually forthright and direct Senator may add a new wrinkle to his ability to couch his phrasing in legalese, e.g., “We will follow the law.” Taking a page out of the playbook of the old coach Alexander Pope (Okay. Pope was a noted 18th century English Author, but who doesn’t like a good metaphor?), Ted might be resorting to a brilliant move known as “Damning him with faint praise.” When Ted said “Donald had the strongest debate he’s had in this election cycle,” I want to interpret it as meaning “he stunk the joint up, but it was slightly better than the embarrassingly inane crap he pulled in the primaries.”

From a strictly objective stand point, Hillary won the debate simply by sounding sane. With a few early exceptions, she spoke clearly and competently while Trump attempted to bully her with his trademark tactics of interruption and boorish comments. When accused of not paying taxes, “That makes me smart” may not be the answer if you’re trying to convince people you share their pain.

There was nothing new offered during the debate. Hillary continued to push the Progressive agenda of failure while Trump continued to speak in abstract terms. Contrary to his claims, there was nothing wrong with the Donald’s microphone and we heard everything he said. The problem comes in trying to make sense of it. His inability to recognize a misstep by his opponent and press an advantage to promote his positions is manifest. His only strategy is to bludgeon every foe into submission.

So in conclusion, and in the spirit of Coach Pope, I am willing to state Donald Trump showed up for that debate. If anyone is in touch with Senator Cruz, please forward him this link.

As long as this strategy is not overplayed, it could become the best counter to Trumpspeak. By any reasonable standards, the Donald’s rants are incomprehensible. Subjects, verbs, clauses and logical conclusions are unnecessary; some have referred to it as “stream of consciousness.” To me, that implies there is some thought behind what he says and I find that doubtful. I think Trump has some vague idea of what he wants to say, but without the discipline to consider any logical objection to his views he is blissfully unaware of the flaws in his assumptions. Driven by his ego, he tells us that only he can fix the problems; fueled by his narcissism, things will be done his way, “believe me.”

The saddest part of all is that he has convinced millions of people to believe him. There is no evidence of pragmatism in any of his proposals. There is no physical way to build a thirty foot wall from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico; there is no practical expectation of other nations agreeing to renegotiate U.S. Debt; there is no sane way to print our way out of debt without causing economic devastation; there is no set of circumstances Americans can afford the results of thirty-five per cent tariffs on imported goods. If you ask a Trump believer, however, you will be informed that the wall will be up by April and that companies who moved to Mexico will be hard pressed to return manufacturing to the U.S. Because of the construction delays.

That is why it is so important to adopt Coach Pope’s tactics. In order to avoid uncomfortable conflicts with friends and family members who support Trump for some nebulous reason, employ the damn with faint praise ploy just like your sister did when she tried to fix you up with her friend and you asked if she was pretty and your sister said “she’s a good dancer.” At the next dinner party when they say “TRUMP 2016!”, just reply “I definitely think he’ll be around,” then open another bottle of wine and try to

  1. I think you said it all…The Cruz endorsement of Trump was a disappointment. It is still hard to determine the advantages, if any. He lost supporters, that’s a given! Did he gain more because of his actions? One wonders.

    Trump does not speak in sentences. Someone explained that his brain was not in sync with his mouth. Do I want to believe that? How far did we have to dig to find these two unsuitable candidates to run for the presidency?


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