Nomads for now: Liberty leaves the GOP

Leave the GOP

I’ll refrain from opining on the muck fest of the moment, but it’s clear the Ted Cruz endorsement and first debate have altered the 2016 political considerations for conservatives. Unfortunately, the premise of minority status for Liberty Movement and Constitutional conservatives not only remains unchanged, but has been glaringly magnified. What became obvious along with this, is the recognition that one of the proposed solutions is no longer an option. Regrettably it was the preferred option. And while admittedly difficult, one producing the least strife and resistance within these factions of the GOP.

While the history books will inevitably judge the wisdom of the Cruz endorsement, one thing is certain: the ability of a movement leader to stand against the party apparatus is non existent. Not because of their lack of personal fortitude, but the lack of those willing to stand behind them. The punishment for poor political behavior is a price too high for mere mortals to withstand. We, as amateur observers and participants in the political process have no idea the lengths the party will go to enforce discipline on those who dare to speak against it. If we did, we’d be less than apoplectic when a movement leader is corrupted or compromised by party leadership. Disappointment is justifiable when these events occur. The disappointment, however, should lie in the fact that our numbers are not great enough to bolster a rebellious leader; not in the leader’s inability to single handedly effect change on our behalf.

In addition to the flawed thinking behind the renegade conservative, yet another strategy employed by elected Liberty-movement leaders has also proven itself completely ineffective. The attempt of those such as Rand Paul to work in good faith with the senior senator of his state to influence legislation has yielded nothing of significance in terms of policy or procedure that we can point to as a victory for our movement. Again, our disappointment should not be directed at Sen. Paul for attempting to operate in a spirit of cooperation. Our disappointment should still be in our lack of numbers to garner consideration from party leadership.

We tend to view the action of our rebellious movement leaders as more noble than those who choose to effect change through cooperation. I simply submit that neither is more worthy of praise or scorn. Both strategies lead nowhere except condemnation of those who employ them as corrupted sell-outs, when their efforts ultimately fail. In the end, we eat our own and rail against those who fail to deliver change and individually bear what is our collective burden through personal martyrdom.  When we repeatedly demonstrate our willingness to hold our noses and eat the GOP crap sandwich, it is preposterous to expect our leaders to think we’d actually join them in revolt when and where it matters most — at the ballot box.

Because of all this, it is now obvious (as well as intellectually and spiritually painful) that our attempts to influence the GOP from within are futile. It is time to relieve our leaders from carrying out what in the end is our own obligation. Exodus is our only option and we must leave now. We must abandon the GOP on, do not miss this, EVERY LEVEL at the ballot box this November 8th. How one chooses to do this remains their individual choice. Abstention, write-in, 3rd party, or the ultimate reciprocal betrayal of (shoot me please) voting democratic are all legitimate levers to pull in order to announce your exit and none should be condemned by any of us.

Where do we go from here? A few options will be forthcoming. But for now, the house is on fire. Fret not over where you dwell next and don’t endanger yourselves by stopping to pick up your cherished souvenirs from a party long gone by. Get out. GET OUT NOW.

Image via Maria Lago.

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  1. Abandon Trump? Yes, please.
    Abandon down-ballot? Are you crazy?
    2+ years of Clinton with a democrat-controlled congress? Think of it. A Democrat congress will approve the most extreme leftist of Supreme Court judges. Gun control becomes likely. At least with a GOP-controlled Congress, we can rest assured that the 2nd Amendment is safe.
    We need to keep the nation alive long enough for a new party to form. Vote down-ballot for any and every actual Republican your conscience will allow. Abandon only the Trumpian crazies.

  2. Though we may lose some, I think things may be inevitable. Trump has done such a poor job of backing up the down ballot, I think we are in trouble. As far as gun control goes, they would have to repeal the second amendment, that will not happen, and many states have said they will not abide by federal gun control, which is their right

  3. If your spouse beats you, do you leave or wait two years to develop a full proof plan so that you don’t endure any discomfort in your transition to a new spouse?

  4. I couldn’t agree with this piece more, and while I cannot follow the course of reciprocal betrayal because I’ve decided to only vote for the best candidate that meets my minimum requirements for support (which are not all that high), that leaves out every Republican that will be on my ballot in November. The Republican party is no longer the Grand Old Party and I don’t see a path to reclaim it, something new must rise and lay the undead corpse of the party of Lincoln to rest. I don’t know what form that something new will take and I don’t know how long it can last without succumbing to the same corruption that has so tainted the Republican party but we must try to do what is right.

  5. Money is the milk of politics. Donors also compete for market share. If you get elected you will receive the donors money. With the donors money you are obligated to do as the donors request. If your party cannot get enough members elected the donors will do one of two things. quit donating to your party or quit donating all together. This then forces the party to change its way. A third party or voting block is the only way to change the system. The only downside to this is, is there enough agreement on what issues to create a large enough voting block/new party. If not the Republican Party in this case will simply be absorbed by the democrats donor. If yes then the writer is correct in saying exodus is are only option. Donors will notice and be forced to change their ways. Which at this point exodus is the only option if you want change. God bless.

  6. I’ve watched this exact same thing for many more years than I’d like to admit with the GOP. A heady band of upstarts comes in like a house afire, ready to change the party from within.
    One by one they’re co-opted, threatened, cajoled into towing the party line and, as someone previously commented, appeasing donors. Or worse, we learn that they were never “one of us” in the first place. They just talked a good game, knew the right buzzwords.
    Mr. Johns is correct. You can’t just get rid of a couple of cockroaches and think you’ve solved the infestation.
    Every GOP – from top to bottom – must go.

  7. Look at pictures of Cruz – in just a couple of years he has aged dramatically. He looks very tired. That’s what this despotic GOP does to a person. We need to build a new home for people like him, one that does not subject people to this. You see the same thing all the way down to the local level, with the establishment punishing conservatives.

  8. Amazing! That was my epiphany the day before yesterday in response to extreme disappointment over Ted Cruz becoming ever the servile puppy dog and the GOP enacting all of Obama’s budget. I decided I won’t vote for any Republicans even down the ticket, unless they happen to be exceptional. If I were in Utah, I would still vote for Mike Lee and his 100% conservative voting record (Cruz has a 97%). I wouldn’t be voting for the ‘R’ after his name but despite it. He is still a good thorn in the side of Bitch McCONnell. I would support someone solid like Lee until he gave me reason not to, and I suspect Lee will eventually leave the GOP. Other than that, I’m voting for liberty-loving 3rd party conservatives. I won’t vote democratic, so never suggest it again unless you want me to take you up on that offer… 😉 As for what Miles said, crazy is the GOP-contolled Congress passing Obama’s proposed budget without change and funding Planned Parenthood the day before yesterday. Reid and Pelosivich may as well have been running things (and probably were).

  9. We might still wonder what a GOP controlled House or Senate would do with Hillary replacing Obama. She might be easier to resist in Congress – she has no race card and she really is more of an opportunist than a dedicated ideologue, I think. Still, she will be a terrible president. For many years I have argued that we should keep the party and throw out the leadership. Now it is clear that this can’t be done. Despite pressure, Cruz did NOT have to do this. He should have stayed his course. He made things worse when he attempted to rationalize it away by claiming he though he’d have a shot at picking Supreme Court justices. Does he think we’re stupid? I don’t blame him for washing his hands of the so-called “conservatives” in the GOP. They weren’t there for him. But to try to help Trump b offering to coach him is beyond servile. My brother likened his performance to Anthony Quinn in the last scenes of -Requiem for a Heavyweight-. He doesn’t even speak in the same voice anymore. He is broken and will soon be discarded by the party leadership. They wanted HIM – they didn’t expect his endorsement to change any votes to Trump. They wanted to destroy HIM for the future and so they have. Maybe he knows it, maybe not. But part of this is our fault for not being a strong enough support for his position. Too many a la carte candidates, not enough principle. We can’t take away from him what he has done – he has fought the fight even when he stood alone. His days are over now. He has no respect from either side. Had he left well enough alone and remained true to his pledge NOT to support someone who attacked his family, for example, and who did NOT stand for the Constitution, he would have had a growing army following him. There was no up side in this for Cruz. Just another former hero lost.

    We should support anyone running for governorships or Congress who will stand up to Hillary, or who we think would, or who we can apply pressure to, to do so. She will go as far as she is allowed. We should not let the Cruz letdown cause us to abandon other viable candidates who still believe in American law and the Constitution! Please go the polls in November and please DO vote your conscience. My vote will NOT include Trump, but I will vote with all my heart for anyone I think will work to stop Hillary once she’s sworn in.

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