Takeaways from the debate and yesterday’s links

It’s been debate week. Even as late as Wednesday, the fallout from the Monday night debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been dominating the news. There are still more perspectives rolling in.

Levin fires back at Cruz detractors

Wealth, poverty, and politics: An interview with Thomas Sowell

NFL ratings plummet following athlete protests

Truth about greenhouse gas: What’s “the only thing that’s ever dropped emissions around the world…”?

Here’s why millennials should be weary of Obamacare

Two bombs go off in Germany and they’re already placing blame

Neither Trump nor Hillary are up to meeting our foreign policy challenges

Russ Feingold refuses to repudiate disastrous Iran deal

The morning after: takeaways

Debate takeaways…TNA: Trump’s invocation of the “Hannity defense” on Iraq War support hurt him… and Hannity

…Mika: Trump will win more votes from it

…Caruso: For Trump, a total disaster

…Nolte: Holt was a disgrace

…Greenfield: Trump fought Hillary, Holt, and the whole system

…Pandolfo: From issues to nonsense in no time flat

…French: Trump kept getting worse

…Shapiro: After early success, insecure, defensive Trump collapses

…Barrett: Holt let Hillary off the hook

…Geraghty: Stop looking for scapegoats, Trump fans

…Berman: The shame of America

…Wright: Sweet Meteor of Death won the debate

…Burke: Did the debate change any minds?
…Neffinger: Abortion completely left out

Trump, Hillary and dead voters: America is screwed

Can the IRS save Obamacare?

California to fight BDS

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