Who is JD Rucker?

JD Rucker

A handful of people who have expressed interest in our new conservative party have asked who I am. If a handful have asked, that means hundreds, perhaps thousands of you have wondered the same thing. What qualifies me to spearhead such a daunting task? What are my motivations for committing to this undertaking? What makes me different from the politicians, scholars, and power brokers who have tried and failed to break the two-party system?

The simple answer is that I am nobody. I did not study law at Harvard. I’ve never been invited to speak at CPAC. I’m not a community organizer, a Tea Party leader, or a guest commentator on Fox News. If I applied for a job as campaign manager for a city councilman, my resume wouldn’t earn me an interview.

The other simple answer is that I am everybody. I see the corruption at nearly every level of government and it infuriates me. I’ve watched as the party of Reagan, Coolidge, and Lincoln has devolved into the Establishment-driven big government mess that has embraced the alt-right and bowed to the liberal policies of Donald Trump. I would never apply for a job as a campaign manager for the vast majority of city councilmen because most wouldn’t pass my Constitutional litmus test.

I have one key qualification that has given me complete confidence that what we’re doing is righteous and that success is more achievable than most would ever see by looking at the surface. Before explaining that, I’ll first answer the direct question of who I am.

A private man forced into transparency

In an ideal American society, I could raise and support my family, read my Bible, and live a variation of the American dream where nobody knows my name and nobody wants to mess in my affairs. I’d work, play, pay taxes, and follow my heart’s desire to be a servant to the Lord in all that I do.

We are so far from an ideal American society that I am forced into much more transparency than I’d ever want in my life. For you to believe in what we’re trying to achieve with this new party, you need to know that I am not a convicted felon with three divorces and a methamphetamine addiction. I’m not, but you’ll probably want more details than that. What follows is the condensed version of a biography, but you can read the full details here if you’d like.

I am a servant of God who believes that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I am a husband and a father of three who was blessed with this family early in life and who is thankful that we’ve never been apart. I am a business owner in the automotive advertising arena who has built and sold two similar companies prior to my current company that I formed with a partner in 2013. We are a high-quality boutique with just over 20 employees and 100 clients. God willing, this will be the last company we have to build. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the race to build and sell bigger companies, but this is intended to be my “settle down” company. As long as it provides for my family and our employees while maintaining a proper work-life balance for all, we have no intentions of selling.

You’re probably wondering based upon this information why I would push for a new party and how I could ever hope to achieve it. The answer to both questions are very straightforward. The reason I am pushing it is because it’s necessary (more on that shortly). As to how I hope to achieve it, I cannot. I can say that bluntly because the fundamental question is flawed. I cannot build a successful new party, but we can.

The groundswell surrounding the need has brought so many of you to my doorstep. Among you are very talented and politically minded folks who have offered your services. We count in our ranks many with experience in ballot access, election law, fundraising, media, and even specific policy experts. Just yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with an oil and gas attorney who had a better understanding of global warming than I’ve heard from anyone at the EPA. Not only did he understand the fallacies in the left’s climate change argument, but he had experience with countering the indoctrinating propaganda hammering our children to believe that we must eat tofu burgers and ride bicycles or the world will end in 2017.

I am not special. I am an American citizen who is willing to fight. I am part of the grassroots upon which the government should be beholden. I am like you – a citizen who sees the untenable bloat of government and who realizes that the two-party system will perpetuate it until someone stands up and yells, “enough!”

One key qualification

There was one thing I didn’t mention in the short autobiography. When the party is officially launched, it will require a growth strategy that was born outside of the halls of politics. Every third-party has failed miserably at achieving enough velocity to break through the shield protecting the two-party system. What I lack in party-building experience, I make up for in the formation and execution of a modern strategy designed to overcome the challenges faced by every third-party entry.

Nobody in politics has tried this strategy. Even the two major parties have failed to fully take advantage of it, though Trump’s campaign has been the closest example (no we’re not planning on Tweeting about sex tapes or accusing our competitor’s father of killing JFK). A microcosm of the strategy is seen in how we built and sold two companies as well as how we’re building a third company, but it’s only a microcosm. In the political arena, we have seen that it can flourish. The best example was applied in Oklahoma where we used the strategy to support Ted Cruz. Despite polling numbers the day before the primary showing he would lose big, we witnessed an unprecedented 17-point shift on election day. By no means am I taking credit for it, but it’s conspicuous that it was the only state where we put most of our resources into a single basket. We even tried to reach out to both the campaign as well as his super PACs to share the strategy, but we never received a reply.

Perhaps it was for the best. God’s plans are His and His alone to know. Had we made contact, we might have been able to help, only to fall short at the end, in which case we wouldn’t have had the drive to push forward with the new party. We’ll never know, but we shouldn’t question why failures happen. Instead, we must learn from them and continuously improve.

I won’t share the specifics of the strategy. Not yet. It’s important for us to reach a tipping point before playing that particular hand. Escape velocity to breach the earth’s atmosphere and the hold of gravity is 33 times the speed of sound. Achieving it requires properly manufactured materials and an excellent rocket design, but it also requires a strong propellant. In politics, escape velocity for a party to break the two-party system will require parallels to building a successful rocket. The materials are already available to us in the form of the Constitution. The design will be produced by the people who are coming on board – the politicians, consultants, lawyers, and media heavyweights that we’re acquiring every week. The propellant is the strategy that we’re prepared to unleash. It behooves us to keep it protected until the time comes to use it.

Why not apply it to another party?

This is the most common question we receive. Why form a new party? Why not help the Constitution Party, America’s Party, Evan McMullin, the Libertarians, or any of the other parties that already have a base?

I just posted a full explanation here, but the short answer is that they lack the velocity potential to succeed. Having a small preexisting base does not outweigh the fundamental challenges that have kept many of them from making any form of impact after decades of existence.

If I had an inkling that we could achieve success faster with a preexisting party or candidate rather than starting new, I would jump on it. After much though, tenacious research, and prayer, we’ve come to the conclusion that a new party is the best path forward for the country.


The first actual date I ever took my wife on was to see the movie Aladdin. A recurring theme of the movie has the title character asking Jasmine, his love interest, a question on multiple occasions. “Do you trust me?”

I’m not going to ask you to trust me. I’m not even going to rely on the popular idiom, “Trust but verify.” I’m asking you to go straight to the verification process. Don’t trust me. Don’t trust this party. Don’t trust any party. Don’t trust any politician. Don’t trust any journalists, pundits, or wonks. Verify everything using the mind and discernment that God has given to you. It brought you this far. It’s what made you question the GOP’s leftward lurch. It’s why you don’t trust Trump or Clinton. Trust the part of your mind that tells you that the federal government must be reined in, that the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting but about defense against tyranny, and that for every “good” politician there are 99 bad ones.

Do not trust me. Verify me. Verify us.

Verify that the platform proposals we recommend match yours. If they don’t, take the time to understand why we feel how we do and whether we need to be corrected through patient but powerful dissent.

Verify that the candidates we’re going to support are candidates you should support. If they aren’t, let us know.

Verify that no matter how big we get, that we’re still maintaining an open line of communication with you. If there’s one role I will play when the party reaches its tipping point, it’s to assure that our connection to the grassroots is always exponentially stronger than our connections to government itself.

This has been the most difficult article I’ve ever written. While I love writing about government, religion, the Constitution, and rebuilding America in the founders’ image, I don’t enjoy talking about myself. It has always been a strange character trait that I handle the spotlight well but I have no desire to be in it. It’s uncomfortable even writing that statement, but perhaps that’s the reason that I’ve been given this task. Maybe the right person to lead is the one who has no desire to do so. I hope not. I’m still picturing my cabin in the woods when the country is heading in the right direction, but until that day comes I will continue to fight to save the country from itself.

If you want to receive updates about the new conservative party of if you have questions, email me – [email protected] – or fill out the form below.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. So many of us are in the same boat, JD. We are just normal everyday people who want to be left alone to be able to achieve or fail on our own. But that’s why this new party will work. We are genuine, and people will recognize that. We just have to show them that our ideas are best for everyone, not just ourselves.

  2. Hello JD,
    I am still out here. Ready and willing to lend a hand in the creating and launch of this most critical next step. Please call on me when you are ready.

    In Texas, loving liberty.

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