Convention of States and yesterday’s links

Every few months, there’s buzz that’s built around the concept of holding an Article V Convention of States. It’s never been done before and for good reason, but these are desperate times. As the nation continues it’s downward trend towards liberalism, big government, and uncontrollable expenses, this may be our only option.

Trump: “The Google” proves I am winning and they want me to lose

Trump picks open borders architect Angela Merkel over Benjamin Netanyahu as his favorite world leader. Is he trying to mimic Hillary or was he unaware that she gave the same answer?

Rubio says Trump is going to have to give answers about his business dealings with Cuba

Another Trump campaign shakeup is right on schedule

Booth: Why attack a Hispanic woman when Trump is doing badly with women and Hispanics?

US soda-tax battle bubbles up in San Francisco Bay Area

Google’s home delivery service, Google Express, hits New England

Saudi stocks tanked after the kingdom slashed worker pay

Whole Foods, Starbucks take a chance in one of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods

JCPenney is hoping that millennial men will save their brand

Clinton feels the pressure

It’s sexist and anti-woman to legislate equal pay by gender

Hillary, if you believe “every life matters and one murder is too many,” why support abortion?

Media fact checkers

How the Obama administration conspired with city leaders to make New Orleans a deadly sanctuary city

Cruz: “Our immigration laws are not a suicide pact”

Trey Gowdy goes off on James Comey

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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