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As time goes on, we see both of the main parties moving farther and farther left, led by front runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

First, let us set things straight: both candidates actually have a lot in common despite running in different parties. They are both lifelong New York liberals. They have histories of siding with anti-gun, pro-choice and big government policies as the country has become more and more leftist. They are very unpopular in their parties. They both have even donated to the Clinton Foundation! Go figure.

In regards to the Republican party, Donald Trump has ultimately put the icing on the alt-right cake; he has turned the party of Lincoln into one that is unwelcoming to conservatives, causing an exodus from the GOP to third parties and independency. There have been multiple calls to form a new party for conservatives that will have the strength to break the boundaries of the two-party system. What we need are strong, effective leaders who will be our front runners, “raising a banner of bold colors” – bold colored conservative principles that won’t fade from political pressure over time.

Through the past few years, we’ve seen some promising candidates for conservative leadership. Men like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, both from humble backgrounds, fought against the typical liberal Democrats in the Senate, against large spending, gay marriage and pro-choice legislation, as well as many other issues. They showed that the American dream is rewarding and achievable. They respect the Constitution and favor liberty, two broad fundamentalist principles that we value greatly. Those ideas are the heart of our ground game. However, through this election, we have seen the force of Donald Trump and the binary choice consume and destroy even the best and brightest of the GOP conservatives. Both men have come out and publicly endorsed the Donald, the poster boy for RINOs and the “only one who can stop Hillary”.

What are conservatives to do? With more of our once fearless leaders straying away from the conservative base, who do we place our trust? Who can we count on to keep fighting for us, to give us our voice? How do we continue this movement?

There are still men out there who place our base first before their party. Conservative “resurgents,” such as Senators Mike Lee and Ben Sasse, are still committed to and haven’t abandoned the conservative grassroots and #NeverTrump movement. People like them realize that this election is about so much more than a “binary choice.” This is about being true to principle, sticking by the conservative foundation, as well as by one’s words and actions. This is about making a comeback for conservatism, for God and for freedom.

Senator Sasse said at the 2016 CPAC, “I am an American first, and I am a conservative second, and I am only a Republican third.” This is the type of mentality we should have: values first, party second. The second that any party we belong to fails to express our original principles and ideas, we must question it. We need more influential leaders in our government who possess and truly believe in this mentality.

It is about time we’ve had enough of right-leaning politicians caving into or openly embracing liberalism. Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner are among the most famous of the latter, and too many are becoming part of the former. The GOP is no longer capable of pleasing both the alt-right and conservatives, and we need to fight against the leftist status quo. The only way we can do this is by destroying the dysfunctional neo-liberal Republican party after this election and vote down ballot this election for those who stand with us. Active politicians and outsiders with proven conservative records are more important than ever before.

Trump. Hillary. No matter the outcome of this election, conservatives must fight with all of their strength to bring God and liberty back into this nation. Without strong leaders helping to form a new party, liberals will keep being able to get away with diminishing our freedoms while the people become more and more powerless to stop them. While conservatives like Cruz, demonstrated by his recent endorsement of Trump, are more devoted to the Republican party, we cannot let this dishearten us. We, as a base, have to be more bold, more unafraid and more unwavering than ever before. We need to stand up to the bullies within our opposition; those who want more than anything to squelch Constitution and Christianity defenders who dare stand in the way of the tyrannical government agendas.

Soft-spoken words aren’t working against the wave of corruption; we must pound our nail into the wood, driving home our non-acceptance of the current direction of America. We must have continued hope for this nation as well as faith in God – both are crucial in maintaining our movement. We have to tirelessly fight for our freedom because, especially in the world today, it is never free.

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Megan Kerr

Christian conservative writer Megan Kerr is a senior in high school. In addition to being a freedom fighter, she enjoys debating, volunteering for political campaigns (such as Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign in Indiana) and writing about politics. She is also a violinist and violist at the Anderson University Chamber Orchestra as well as in her school music programs. When she isn’t writing for The New Americana, she is playing the viola and violin, studying American history, checking up on the news and spending time with her family and friends.

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