Assange’s nothingburger and yesterday’s links

Julian Assange from Wikileaks had the world waiting to hear how he was going to sink the Hillary Clinton Presidential bid. Whether it was hype intended to get more people to celebrate the whistleblowers’ 10th anniversary or something manufactured by the media is uncertain, but either way it was a huge disappointment (or relief from the Clinton camp) that he didn’t really say much at all.

Erickson: Your candidate sucks

The question no one dares to ask Hillary

MSNBC asks crowd of millennial women if they “feel connected” to Hillary. Heads shake, voices shout.

Hungary takes unprecedented measure to keep Muslim migrants out. Would “border hunters” work here?

Syrian rebels advance on Islamic State-held town of Dabiq

Bank of Ireland shuts down anti-Israel BDS accounts

ISIS prepares for “‘apocalyptic showdown of Muslim and Christian armies” in Syrian town of Dabiq

How the nuke deal is funding Iran’s darkest forces

Private contractors fighting Pentagon’s online war against Islamic State

The next justice will decide Presidential powers on immigration

Alabama teen beaten into critical condition after posting “Blue Lives Matter”

Could your congressman pass an FBI security check? Ami Bera of California would flunk big time.

NPR reporter has no idea what “come and take it” means

Here’s what happened when Glenn Beck went on Meet the Press after Michael Moore

Obama’s latest bailout for big insurance aims to cover his lies

Prager U: Can you trust the press?

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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