Denouncing Trump now is too little, way too late

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All aboard the high horse! That seems to be the call for many in the GOP who have been supporters of Donald Trump until today. The false sense of shock they’re trying to portray isn’t towards the words that Trump said. They’re shocked that he was caught and now they’re trying to backtrack on their support. They are cowards.

Here’s the thing, and this is very important to understand. The GOP politicians who are denouncing Trump now are either hypocrites or idiots. They’re hypocrites for knowing that this man displayed ZERO principles throughout his life and his campaign, but are jumping ship because he got caught being vulgar. If they didn’t know, then they’re absolute idiots. Either way, this is a clear indicator that the Republican Party is just as broken and corrupt as the Democratic Party.

I actually have more respect for those who are now sticking by Trump. At least those people can say, “Yes, we knew he was a pig and we chose to support him.”

To those politicians and pundits who are denouncing Trump at this late hour: your names are on record. It doesn’t matter what actions you take following the release of the tape. By declaring that you’re either a hypocrite or an idiot, you have announced to the world that your principles are as stained as Trump’s. You have fought to force this incompetent and immoral man into the highest political position in the world. By doing so, you have made it clear that you deserve neither my respect nor my future support. The GOP is dead. It’s time for a new party immediately.

Many are calling for Governor Mike Pence to ascend to the top of the ticket. The conservative in me likes this idea because, despite his surrender on religious liberties in Indiana, he would make a far better President than Hillary or Trump. The angry former Republican in me is shouting, “No, absolutely not!” The only people who are qualified to replace Trump are those who did not support him. If you replace Trump with a Trump supporter such as Pence, you’re still having to make excuses for not seeing Trump for who he was all along. That won’t fly. Anyone who supported Trump at any point in this campaign should not be allowed to replace him. It’s replacing the perpetrator with the enabler. That’s not acceptable.

As much as I opposed John Kasich through the primaries, I see him as the only realistic choice among the former candidates. Some have floated Mitt Romney. Others have mentioned Evan McMullin. All I know is that it absolutely should not be Pence. I won’t support the enabler.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. I agree that it should not be Pence. “It’s replacing the perpetrator with the enabler” really says it all. But if they managed to replace Trump with Pence I would probably vote for him. I guess I don’t see enabling Trump as a completely disqualifying act (maybe I should), even though disappointment doesn’t begin to describe my reaction to Pence accepting the VP slot.

    It looks like Trump is not stepping down anyway, so apparently they won’t be able to replace him. It requires what I would call an aggressive interpretation of the rules to remove him from the ticket without his agreement.

    As for “too little, way too late”, I agree, but still I would say better late than never. Personally, I don’t have more respect for those that are staying with him, because before this became known some people may have thought he wasn’t quite this much of a pig. With the confirmation that he bragged about (and likely committed) this level of awfulness (and given that we have no reason to think he has changed) staying with him is even worse than dropping him too late, in my opinion. I am particularly grieved by evangelical leaders continuing to promote him. I think it is wrong on principle for them to promote his candidacy, and as a practical matter even after this they are continuing to enable him! As they talk about him being “flawed” but preferable to Clinton, don’t they realize that by continuing to support him they are undermining efforts to get him off the ticket? The GOP big wigs are too late, but they are still doing better than these evangelical “leaders”, who are still in the Trump camp.

    But this late effort doesn’t erase what the RNC did to squash the principled opposition to Trump at the convention. That was beyond the pale, and they look silly now when they could have let the delegates run that convention and perhaps choose a qualified nominee.

    I hope that somehow Trump can be removed from the ticket. But either way we need a new party.

  2. The RNC and Fox have no one to blame but themselves. They put the screws to Cruz. The RNC was afraid Trump would run as a third candidate and they certainly didn’t want a constitutionalist mucking up their fun. As disgusting as his remarks are, it’s too late now. The RNC is clearly in self-destruct mode. I can’t for the life of me understand why they’re shocked. They knew who he was and tried forcing him down our throats. Before the topic of a new party appeared on this Web site I felt the time was right. It’s obvious to everyone, including the left, that the RNC, unfortunately, is a goner. It’s sad to see the party of Lincoln destroyed but I think the timing is perfect for a new party.

    As an aside, when it comes to male locker room bragging – he who usually brags the most gets the least.

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