Hannity hearts Kelly and yesterday’s links

In the media, there are two factors working against each other. On one hand, you have opinions between strong personalities that can bring conflict. On the other hand, you have the networks working to keep harmony between their anchors. Fox News is trying to strike the balance between Trump-supporter Sean Hannity and Trump-critic Megyn Kelly. On the surface, it seems to be working. On the surface.

Obama’s colossal mistake that could get us into a proxy war with Russia

Lawmakers urge U.S. to block Iran’s WTO bid

Krauthammer: In Syria, “We are excluded and the Russians are in charge”

Trump snatches credit for Pence’s strong debate

Hannity slams Kelly over comments about Trump

Trump: America is “like a third world country”

James Madison University gives students seven page guide to free speech

…Turley: Includes instructions to not say things like “picking people up by their bootstraps”

Crowder infiltrates college socialists. Hilarity ensues.

Walsh: Please stop calling pro-abortion politicians “Christians.” They are heretics.

Christian persecution on the rise in Uzbekistan

Police kick sidewalk counselors from abortion clinic parking lots, but baby possibly saved from abortion

Christians threatened with prison for refusing to print gay wedding invites

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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