Uff Da, Oy Vey, and Holy Frijoles

Donald Trump Anger

As we witness the latest horrible revelations about the REAL Donald Trump flooding the media, I think it is important to have a little chat with a few people. There comes a time when it becomes clear that all sense of normalcy is gone, and nobody with any common sense is in charge of anything.

This is that time for me.

What I once believed to be certainties are now just quaint memories. Terms like conservative, evangelical, and Republican mean nothing to me now because they have been perverted by complete idiocy and complete idiots. Oh, sorry. Was that too harsh? Have I offended any evangelical, conservative Republicans out there? Good. I certainly hope so. Consider this my way of knocking you upside the head with my Constitutional baseball bat just hard enough to rattle your mushy brains a bit.

Hillary Clinton is going to be President. The most corrupt politician I can remember in my lifetime is actually going to be in charge of this pig mess of a country. This is a person who should already be serving a life sentence for multiple violations of the Espionage Act alone, not to mention her laughable handling of Benghazi, Libya, and really, everything she has ever touched.

Miss “Powering Through” Feminist is a lying wannabe, who has clung to her husband’s coattails for all of her political life. She offers nothing of value to this country. Nothing. And yet, here we are, about to reward her malevolence and outright hostility to the Constitution with the most prized position we can offer any American citizen.

Look at her competition, if you can handle it anymore. I certainly can’t. Many, many months ago I stated that Donald Trump was nothing more than a Trojan Horse candidate. It is impossible to look at the actions of his life and actually believe he is anything but an overly-coiffed, overly-vocal, repugnant liberal with Little Man Syndrome. Alpha male? Please. He’s a beta, and he’s not even capable of being good at that.

Added to this ridiculous human being are the conservative evangelical Republicans who decided that NOW was the time to throw an outrageous angry tantrum, country be damned.

“We’re angry!” Aw, shut up. Everybody is angry. Could you be any more self-centered than to believe that your frustration somehow exceeds what the rest of us feel? Have you looked around lately? Eight years of an “I’m gonna get even” President has likely caused irreversible damage to this country. A Republican-controlled congress has helped him every step of the way.

Electing another Republican (cough) is like spraying a grease fire with a water hose. It would be one thing if that Republican had actually been a Constitutionalist, but Sir Big Mouth has never read it. This is the same guy who ranted about being an outsider, but was shoved over the finish line by the insiders in the party. They would rather have Hillary than a Constitutionalist, and it shows.

I have listened to respected religious leaders tell us that Trump is a Christian who has lots and lots of faith and stuff. Uff da! That’s a bundle of deceptive talk there.

I have listened to Trump supporters who claim to be super fantabulous evangelical pro-life Americans, use embarrassingly foul language and threats toward anyone who doesn’t want a pro-choice candidate without any class. Oy vey! That’s a pile of naked hypocrisy there.

I have listened to Republicans who are supposed to be conservative actually state that Trump can beat Hillary, tells it like it is, will appoint conservative judges, and will basically save the world just by being there because he isn’t Hillary. Holy Frijoles! I don’t even know where to begin with that plethora of cow droppings.

Here is the bottom line. You Trump supporters who foisted this monster on the rest of us don’t know the meaning of the word angry. For you, this is just your moment to think you belong to something special where you can wear a red baseball cap and be the cool kids. For the rest of us, this is like that scene from the movie Thelma & Louise, when the car soars off the cliff.

Actual Constitutionalists are flipping angry at this absurd race between the Felon-in-Waiting and one of the major supporters financially and ideologically of her political party for decades.

I know this is really hard to take, but Donald Trump is a liar. He is a liberal. He is the worst possible candidate that could be run against Hillary, because he also is her longtime friend and supporter.

The so-called “October surprises” will keep coming, and Donald Trump will continue to drag what used to be actual conservatives and evangelicals into the gutter with him. Perhaps you can grab your Bibles and your copies of the Constitution and maybe somehow you will read them again before you vote next month.

It is already too late to stop the inevitable Hillary presidency, short of the actual appearance of the Sweet Meteor of Death. It is not too late to stop yourselves from soaring off the cliff.


I grew up in a politically dysfunctional household with a staunch liberal mother and a mushy in-the-middle pop. I am naturally a conservative. I came out of the womb as one, and took great delight in annoying my parents by voting for Ronald Reagan, and doing horrible things like giving my mother a copy of Rush Limbaugh’s first book for Christmas one year. I am a classically trained pianist, and a reader of anything obscure and lost to history. I volunteer with animals (I call them fuzzybutts) rescued from “death row” at the pound. I was raised a Christian, and I still have a lot of questions and some doubts, but my faith remains. God talks to me all the time; I just often neglect to listen. Oh, I’m also an ex-felon. Imagine that.

  1. I could not agree MORE! Very well expressed and explained. If this Nation has any hope at all, we MUST return to our Founding. Just sayin’.

    1. Yes, we must return to the founding and the Constitution, or we are just done. I wish we could just hit rewind on 2015 and 2016 and take another crack at this election. Sheesh.

  2. I totally agree with your statement!! AZ…:)
    I’ve voted twice for Ronald Reagan. The best Candidate we had was Ted Cruz to return to the Constitutional values set forth by our founding fathers. I will be voting
    my conscience!!…:)

  3. Excellent article! I am dismayed by this election and what it has brought out in people. On the other hand, I have met via internet the most wonderful people whose words and friendship I will cherish forever. You are the real deal.
    Thank you!

  4. I am not sickened or horrified with the “revelation” that Donald Trump said what he said. It is right about on par with what I believed his moral compass to be.

    I am, however, sickened and horrified by those in those that have aspoused family and religious values in the Republican party that would still want to defend or publicly support him. Any that does has lost any and all support, favor, faith…and the list goes on…that I may have had for them.

    1. Agreed. I wasn’t the least bit surprised by Trump being a complete jack wagon. I, like you, simply have not yet come to terms with what I see from supposed religious conservatives. It is appalling to me.

  5. I havnt been able to read the whole thing, but it looks excellent! And no, they havnt found anyone yet. But I’m only able to work 14.75 hours a week.we will talk soon. I have a lot going on now. ?

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