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The original Constitution of the United States, ratified 228 years ago, had only 4,543 words. Today, it has exactly 7,591 words when you add in all of the amendments since ratification. The Democratic Party platform contains 26,058 words. The Republican Party platform contains 35,467 words.

The Founders wrote a sub-5,000 word document that turned a small revolution into the greatest country in the world. Why do our major political parties need five times as many words to tell us what they stand for?

Actually, it is pretty simple. Neither of these parties are in favor of limited government, personal freedom, or protecting the Constitution. Both parties seek to control your opinion on every single issue under the sun. To say nothing of the Trump vs. Clinton clown show, which just illustrates the point. The base of each party states, “You are either with us, or against us. Any insubordination will be met with ostracism.”

This is utterly absurd.  Americans should refuse to be bullied by political parties who think they can control you.  They do not own your vote.  They do not own your opinions on every political issue.

Here is a lesson any writer, businessperson, or thought leader will tell you:

If it takes you five times as long as the other guy to make your point, 80% of what you just said was bull***t.

Any Political Party who attempts to take over every aspect of your life cannot be trusted.  They cannot resist expanding their influence over the American Citizenry. Furthermore, they will not aspire to run a small government.

I believe it is time for a new movement to sweep through conservative circles.  This movement must be simple to understand and easy to support. Conversely, past conservative movements have lacked these two attributes. The Tea Party movement hated taxes, but the various groups had little else in common. The alt-right movement takes extreme positions on various issues, but can’t seem to pick a unified message. On the other side of the aisle, Black Lives Matter knows when to unify angrily over an event.  However, they can’t seem to get their message straight on whether to condemn, or applaud violence against police officers.

If a new conservative movement is to emerge, it must be simple to understand and easy to support. Otherwise, it will wind up in the waste basket of history littered with great ideas soiled by lack of focus, or tragic power plays by their early leaders.

The conservatarian movement has been alive and well for years. People freely use the term – and most even have a vague understanding of what it means. I believe it is time to define, expand, and promote this movement as a unified front against big government over-reach.

In order for this movement to succeed, it needs to have ideals that will capture the support of many different groups of people. We need small-government Republicans who are sick of the big-government trend they have seen over the past two decades. We need pro-Constitution, small government-minded folks in the Libertarian and Constitution Parties. This movement is larger than any political party itself. It just needs to drive like-minded folks into our government so we can all band together with similar ideals and goals. This is the only way that we can save the Republic from these two major parties.  Two parties enthralled with competing to see who can build the largest, most controlling government in the history of our country.


The conservatarian movement needs just three simple guidelines/principles, and if you can agree on those, the rest of your opinions are up to you. Here is what I propose we focus the movement on:

  1. Protect the Constitution – every… single… word
  2. All other issues are governed by the 10th Amendment
  3. Government should be small, cheap, and vital to protecting our rights

It is a pretty simple concept. If it is in the Constitution, protect it, or change it via the permissible methods. If it is not in the Constitution, then the states get to decide for themselves no matter what the issue is. Every single thing that the Federal Government is in charge of should be questioned to determine whether it is as small as possible, as cheap as possible, and to ensure that it is vital the government is in charge of that function. If any of these answers are no, then shrink it down, lower the expense, or outsource it to private companies entirely.

I could write 200 pages on how I personally would interpret every political issue based on those three simple guidelines, but that is not what this movement is all about. Imagine a future where folks from the city council to county government to state government to our national legislative bodies to the White House all believed in these three principles. I think it is safe to say that the government would shrink, debt would go down, taxes would decrease, personal freedoms would increase, and private enterprise would expand.

These three principles are not just the ramblings of a no-named, conservative Libertarian patriot in Ohio. These are the echoes of the Founding Fathers themselves. I am calling on conservatives from every party, as well as those who think the parties have all abandoned them, to come join this new movement for the greater good.

Become a part of the next great revolution that sets the trajectory of American prosperity for the next 228 years.

Have the courage to promote an America where we can agree on why government should exist, and allow everyone to have their own opinion on everything else.

It is time for a new generation of American thought leaders to emerge, and we need you more now than we have since the late 1700’s.

  1. Protect the Constitution – every… single… word
  2. All other issues are governed by the 10th Amendment
  3. Government should be small, cheap, and vital to protecting our rights

Do you have the courage to be a conservatarian?

Todd Hagopian

Todd Hagopian is a former financial advisor, who is now a Global Marketing Director for a Fortune 300 company. He manages two small mutual funds through, in the Biotech and Defense sectors. He currently spends his free time scouring the investment world for Contrarian investments to help him bolster his portfolio's ROI each year, along with writing Conservatarian political articles.


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