Hillary’s email leaks and yesterday’s link

The hits keep playing from Hillary’s emails. This time, it was a hack of someone else’s emails that revealed the utter corruption of this woman. She is unfit to be President and in any other year with any other GOP candidate, it shouldn’t even be possible for her to win. Unfortunately, it is.

ISIS chops boy’s arm off with sword for stealing as Islamic State religious police enforces sharia law in Syria

There are the 10 killer weapons India and Pakistan would use in a war

Russia threatens U.S. and the Baltic, considers a new Cuban Missile Crisis while Obama hides under his desk

Republican lawmakers should stop enforcing unconstitutional Supreme Court decisions

Dem operative: Investigation of voter fraud by liberal Indiana group racist

California police sergeant killed in “calculated execution”

Why millennials like outsiders like Ron Paul, not like Donald Trump

Reclusive mega-donor fueling Donald Trump’s White House hopes

Trump’s debate “prep”

White House State Dept coordinated on Hillary email
White House, State Dept coordinated on Hillary’s email scandal

…Twitchy: Described as “swirl of crap”

…RedState: The real issue here is the duplicity both from the White House and Hillary Clinton as well as her campaign
…Erickson: Coverup

…Mediaite: CBS’s “Face the Nation” agreed to WH demands not to ask Kerry about Clinton emails

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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