Trump’s banter and yesterday’s links

Last week ended with some horrific news for both Presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton had another Wikileaks drop. If you didn’t hear much about it, that’s because the news cycle has been dominated ever since by Donald Trump’s comments from 2005.

Common Core update: Feelings more important than accuracy in math answers

College Republicans chair un-endorses Trump

President of U. North Dakota upholds 1st Amendment, rebuffs “zero tolerance” for offensive speech

Hillary Wikileaks

Wikileaks appears to release Hillary’s paid speech transcripts

…Twitchy: WikiLeaks just dropped the first batch of “well over 50,000” emails allegedly from John Podesta

…DailyWire: Hillary admitted in 2014 that foreign countries tried to hack personal emails

…Lifezette: Hillary dreams of “open trade and open borders”

…Red Alert: Clinton team planned to call Sanders a sexist, bash “free stuff”

…Continetti: Goes to the heart of the untrustworthiness problem

Presidential prayer

Twitter bid flop: Blue bird of unhappiness is flying backwards

Is #FightForFifteen the most damning indictment of Obama’s failed economy?

Socialism has Venezuelans eating garbage to survive

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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