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Down Ballot

This was supposed to be an article about options for Constitutional and Liberty movement conservatives to consider moving forward after what is, without question, the end of an era in an alliance with the Republican Party. But, due to some expected pushback over my last article, ‘Nomads For Now: the case for abandoning the GOP down ballot‘, it appears some additional explanation is required.

For those of us who have experienced the frustration of trying to operate from within the GOP, this will seem common knowledge. For others, the following facts may serve as shock therapy. And, while I must admit that I was perfectly confident the following data would support my case, there’s no way anyone could have expected it to be so overwhelmingly condemning of the Grand Old Party. Before reading further, a stiff drink may be in order. And, for any party faithful that may have joined in, clear the room of firearms and sharp objects.

To illustrate the difference in what your elected officials say and what they actually do, we’ll go to Liberty Scorecard provided by  Feel free to visit and double check the findings if you find them too incredulous to believe.  We’ll start with the 24 currently held GOP senate seats.

[Note: D. Coats of IN isn’t running for re-election but the GOP candidate Rep. Todd Young amassed a score in the house to employ. In addition, D. Vitter of LA isn’t seeking re-election but LA’s crazy system doesn’t provide us with a candidate yet. Therefore, since Vitter’s score is considerably above average and skews the data away from the previously stated conclusions, let’s just roll with it.]

The percentage rankings range from 17% (M. Kirk- IL) to 100% (M. Lee- UT). Let that sink in…  We have a GOP senator that votes for tyranny 83% of the time; and he is given as much say in selecting leadership as “Mr. 100% Liberty” Mike Lee. Without going through a run down on every senator seeking to retain power, lets play a game of averages. The 2016 “Defenders of Liberty” Class comes in at a stellar 54.62%.  These 24 pillars of conservatism combine to vote for tyranny 44.73% of the time. Conservatism you can believe in… or tyranny you can count on?  To serve as an overall guide on what you are being asked to go to the polls and protect, letter grades are assigned based on the scores and the grades are as follows:

A (90%-100%) – 2 GOP senators

B (80%-90% ) – 1 GOP senator

C (70%-80% ) – 3 GOP senators

D (60%-70% ) – 4 GOP senators

F ( below 60%) – 14 GOP senators

Additionally there are a couple of alarming notes to go along with this (just in case you aren’t yet convinced of the futility in rescuing these scoundrels): 10 of the 14 Fs are below 50%. Is it at all surprising to find the Senate majority leader (M. McConnell- KY) of these champions of freedom with a flashing red 40%?  This clearly demonstrates that this group, on average, is no better than a coin-flip in the battle of, at minimum, maintaining your liberties.

How did this occur, and how can anyone ever make the case that we should venture out on Nov. 8 to save the careers and ability of this feckless bunch to adjudicate their power over us?  Using Reagan’s generous 80/20 rule (not to be a squish, but because our detractors always seem to lord it over us), only 3 of the 24 make the cut: M. Lee of UT with an A+/100%, R. Paul of KY with a respectable  A-/92%, and T. Scott of SC with a B+/89%.  There aren’t even any leaners because the ‘C grade’ earners are really ‘C-‘ as none bested 74%.

If you wish to make the case of “but, but… the Supreme Court, the 2nd Amendment and all that is good and right in the world rests on re-electing the other 21 con-artists on the 2016 ballot,” be sure to brush well because cavities are rampant in Candy Land.

But what of “the People’s House?” Surely the house and the vaunted Freedom Caucus will measure up to our expectations, and save us from the evil (yawn) that is sure to plague us after the Democratic presidential nominee takes the White House? Yeah… You may want to freshen-up that drink now. And because the entire House is up, summarization is all that is in order.  Scores appeared to be available on only 245 and not 248.  Maybe the data is incomplete, maybe it was difficult to read with tears in my eyes.

The letter grades:

A (90%-100%) – 14

B (80%- 90%) – 22

C (70%-80% ) – 27

D (60%-70% ) – 37

F (below 60%) -145

You read it correctly: 145 of 245 scored are rated ‘F’. And, to throw a little salt in your gravely wounded soul, one of the As lost their primary to a quintessential ‘Chamber of Commerce’ Republican. So much for the electorate being fed up with Washington DC, or phantom anti-establishment wave led by a life-long New York Democrat billionaire named Donald J. Trump.

The average GOP member of the people’s chamber comes wrapped in a white flag and carrying a cross with a Liberty score of 55.27%. And, Glory Glory Hallelujah! Thank the heavens for “Mr. Future of Conservatism” aka Speaker Paul Ryan. Cause, when the odds are set in ‘The Battle of Liberty vs.Tyranny,’ the bearded wonder is at a mere 51%.

I’ll spare the time to list the A-B keepers in St. Ronnie’s Rule Book. If you really have to ask whether your district has a keeper or not, visit Conservative Review online. (And please, while you’re there, be sure to checkout the strikingly similar scores of their “Democrat devil” challengers.) Either way, take comfort in the fact that math says you don’t have a good one. And as much as it pains me, if we happen to lose a good one in the unavoidable effort to clear the deadwood, mourn appropriately and chalk that up to collateral damage.

Generally speaking, broad cases to purge the pretenders, such as the one being prosecuted here, are difficult to make. They also typically require some caveats, ifs, ands, or buts. Yet, after reviewing the numbers and living through the party betrayals, and not just on legislative matters, but primary elections and general elections against democrats; I will not only stand by the previous call to abandon the GOP down ballot, but I will double-down on it. The evidence suggests the current GOP majority has and WILL VOTE FOR TYRANNY at least 45% of the time. Every last genuine Constitutionalist and Liberty Movement conservative with the will to restore our liberty for future generations, should not just feel compelled, but obligated to do the unthinkable. If retaining power for those who betray you with the frequency and consideration of an inconsequential coin toss, is a hill you wish to die on, don’t expect others to die with you. In fact, expect a remnant to labor for your defeat.

And those calling for the reformation of this existing party, or for the formation of a new party to compete in 2018 and beyond– the question must be answered:  How can we walk beside you into what assuredly will be an epically gruesome battle, if you are not willing to remove the known traitors in power now whom you wish to replace?  If “but Killary” is your justification to salvage the GOP now, how will that same justification become invalid again in 2018? How can we plead with people to vote for the progressive GOP-imposters now, but then turn around and effectively convince them to see the truth of their devious nature in just a few short years? Sorry, but you are asking a lot from an unengaged, distracted electorate that most recently chose Donald Trump over Ted Cruz (97% by the way).

As tough as it may be, a new path forward for our country requires bold courageous leadership and unconventional wisdom. Saving power for those who have repeatedly betrayed our cause and the American people is not bold, but communicates either fear or uncertainty. Sliding toward bondage while pointing to the promised land, exhibits no virtue and emboldens no one to muster the necessary will to engage in the arduous task ahead. The very first battle in the restoration of liberty is to purpose all willing hearts towards it’s fulfillment. Therefore, it is my genuine hope, that you will pardon this low-ranking soldier for asserting the Generals of this movement must also reflect such certainty in our purpose and clarity in their battle cry.

  1. Very eye opening that 145 received an “F” score in the House. It doesn’t seem to matter what the letter beside most of our elected officials is. Whether “R” or “D” most are democrats. Whether a new party is formed or the GOP is purged of democrats( biggest majority) I think we need to take a lesson from the liberals as bad as I hate to say it. Somehow they make their package attractive to people. I realize it won’t be an overnight change, maybe it will never change, but we can’t let this go down without a fight. Our own liberties and the liberties of our offspring are in danger. If we don’t act now, we may never have the chance to act again.

  2. Lots of truth here but remember to win this battle we need to flip the donors. If you can prove to a large group of donors that we are right you might be able to move forward. Ted Cruz spent every last penny of his political capital to appease the donor class, the question is can he flip just some of those donors to move forward. I’m not holding my breath. Good read good observation.

  3. If election 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that when deciding who to vote for we should look at other letters besides the D or R next to their names.

  4. Absolutely wonderful article, and I am in full agreement. The usual arguments just don’t work anymore, and I refuse to spend one more minute of my life trying to “Reform the GOP”. I’ve had enough of it, and unless some miracle happens that originates from well beyond the hands of men, I will never return to that party. Your statement of “…you are asking a lot from an unengaged, distracted electorate that most recently chose Donald Trump over Ted Cruz (97% by the way)” sums it all up. Loved your post.

  5. It’s like watching a school yard fight against a well seasoned bully and the little new kid in town. How many times do true conservatives need to get punched in face before they start fighting back or at best, realize you’re in a fight? Well this article just struck the knockout blow. I’m completely on board with a well trained new party strapping on some gloves and stepping into the ring. We need new contenders and there’s going to be 4 years to build champions. Fantastic work Mr. Johns. I hope people are paying attention.

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