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Louie Gohmert

In my last article a few days ago, I wrote about people I respected who have become a disappointment for jumping on the Trump Train with both feet. I also wrote about how we need to separate out the chaff. I mentioned a few media personalities, politicians, and Christian leaders. But another person has to be added to the list.

Recently, Congressman Louie Gohmert, from Texas, appearing on “Fox and Friends” did agree that Donald J. Trump said some “very vile” things back in the days. But then he went on, and this is an exact quote: “We need to forgive him about talking like big Democrats and other foul-mouthed people. He’s a Republican now. And James Dobson says he’s a Christian.”

That statement has so many problems just on the surface, but I want to flesh out this fallacy that Trump is a Christian. But before I do, I know what some of you are thinking.

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus admonishes us that we should not judge or we too will be judged. I can think of no other scripture that is so abused. In looking at the context, Jesus’ instruction was regarding hypocritical judgement; don’t judge someone if you are doing the same thing. As a matter of fact, we are supposed to judge, but within Biblical parameters. In the Old Testament alone there are over 250 references encouraging the Israelites to be discerning. And in the New Testament, discernment is one of the gifts from the Holy Spirit. In the book of Acts, the Bereans were commended for, among other things, having ready minds. Jesus tells us in Matthew that we are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

So since the Word of God is our authority and we are to use it wisely (discerning by using our minds) what are the evidences of a Christ follower? 1 John 2:6 says, “Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did’; in 1 John 2:9 “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness”; Matthew 7:20 “…by their fruit you will recognize them.” There are dozens more, but hopefully you see that Trump fits none of these proofs.

Now let’s add another name to the list.

Televangelist Paula White is Trump’s spiritual advisor. Who is Paula White? Just by saying that she is a televangelist is a pretty good indication. She has had a very checkered past -and typical of most televangelists, she lives a very lavish lifestyle. Her relationship with Trump goes back 14 years. (Wait a minute, that infamous tape goes back only 11 years.) Does Paula White have the credentials to even be a spiritual advisor? I think not.

This brings me to what is one of the problems within the “Christian” church today. Our Christian “leaders” have allowed a movement that is more invasive and destructive than kudzu on the southern landscape. Whether you call it “Word of Faith” or “Name It and Claim It” or “Prosperity Gospel” (now I know why Trump is attracted to it), it is far removed from the historical Christian teaching of the pre-existence of Christ, the virgin birth, the sinless life, atonement on the cross, His bodily resurrection and salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

These “Word of Faith” preachers use enough Biblical teaching to draw people in but their distortion of the gospel is appalling. Whether it is Benny Hinn or Ken and Gloria Copeland or Joel Osteen or, yes, Paula White, one of their many heretical tactics is to downplay God and to elevate man to the level of God. We have a tape of Paula White laughing it up with another WOF teacher in which they tell us that when we receive Christ as our Savior, we become Sons of God just like Jesus, that there are many begotten Sons of God (so much for John 3:16).

I don’t know where Louie Gohmert gets his Christian teaching, but I do know where Donald J. Trump gets his and it is not the TRUTH. Which might explain why those that study such things say that in Trump’s speeches he averages lies and misstatements every five minutes.

In all things, whether it be religion or politics or life in general, we must be discerning and use the minds that God has given us to truly recognize what is wheat and what is chaff, and to separate ourselves from all of the nonsense going on around us today.

  1. Another tragic end to a great career. Another trip to the bottom of the political sea in cement overshoes. I am truly sorry to see Gohmert go. This is the greatest damage that Trump has done – he has not only beaten conservatives, he has destroyed them. It seems that the Trump/Clinton campaign has targeted the very best and most upstanding of our people and corrupted them, knowing that it would dishearten many in our movement. Let’s not lose sight of our objective. We must just begin looking for replacements for the Gohmerts and Cruz’s. They are there somewhere in fly-over land. It does give credence to the belief that Trump was a Trojan horse meant to destroy opposition to liberals and to Mrs. Clinton’s evil agenda.

  2. So true. As I mentioned in my last blog, the church is obviously going through the “shaking” that was referenced in Hebrews 12 (only the unshakable will remain as the true church, which makes perfect sense). That’s pretty obvious, but what I find much less obvious is why Dr. James Dobson was giving credence to anything Paula White had to say concerning anyone’s position with God! Does he actually respect her place in the evangelical world? Or did he just need a handy “reference” for making us buy the boloney that Trump experienced a real conversion? Either way, how sad and insulting!

  3. Trump is certainly out to destroy the GOP. His manager Steve Bannon has said openly that that is his goal. This should be no surprise. The most surprising thing to me is the politicians willingly allowing it. How can they not see it? Or, if they do, what is their end game? Either way we’re screwed this election cycle. I, for one, will be voting 3rd party. I am completely done with any party that not only accepts, but seems to be encouraging this behavior.

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