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This is the fifth email sent out to those who have expressed interest in building a unified conservative party. Please fill out the form at the bottom if you would like to receive future installments.

As many of you know, our intention has been to officially launch the party after the election. There have been calls for us to launch sooner and more than a handful of requests for us to endorse a third-party candidate such as Darrell Castle, Tom Hoefling, or Evan McMullin.

This election is extremely important. We understand that our support for down-ballot conservatives may not be enough to stave off the advancing liberalism, corruption, and ineffectiveness of government if we cannot prevent Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from sitting in the Oval Office. We’ve heard your requests and we’re reaching out to those campaigns. At this point, the only one with forward motion and an apparent, albeit longshot, plan to make an impact is McMullin. Therefore, we turn to you, the pre-party members. Please reply to this email with “Yay” or “Nay” on endorsing McMullin. This is more than a vote; if you have a compelling reason one way or another, please include that. We may anonymously publish some of those replies.

If the vote is against endorsing, we will not. This is going to be YOUR party, so my perspective holds no more weight on these issues than anyone else’s. If the vote is in favor of endorsing, we will only do so if, after speaking to McMullin and his team, we see a path to victory. Remember, we’re forming this party with the intention of making an impact, not a statement with our actions. Editorials and videos against liberalism are effective for making statements, but if we endorse it will be to help a conservative win office or to prevent more liberals from winning.

If a campaign cannot demonstrate the ability to win with our assistance, we will maintain our stance of recommending voting with our conscience. We are going to unify the conservative movement under one party for the 2018 and 2020 elections. To do that, we are looking further into the future than this election.

It won’t be easy for anyone to win or we would have discussed this already. Other than a devastating blow to both top-tier candidates, the only possible way to have someone else in the White House is if both can be prevented from reaching 270 Electoral College votes. Even if this can be accomplished, the campaign that wins a handful of states will also need to demonstrate a strong national presence – at least 13-14 million votes – in order for the House of Representatives to select the third-place finisher over Trump. We believe we have a strategy that can help make that happen, but we will only play that card if the party agrees to support him AND they discuss their path to victory with us directly.

This new party will launch after the election. We will start to pick up the pieces from the 2016 debacle and prepare for future elections, but we must also have our eyes focused on the long-term success of the conservative movement. The nation is on the edge of a cliff staring at oblivion. One false move can send us headlong into the abyss. Consolidate, unify, and grow – those are the goals we must focus on in order to save the country from its leftward lurch. We thank you for participating.


Some have reached out to us about “saving the Senate” or the House. With the majority of Republicans in both chambers demonstrating a lack of principled conservative values, we will not be doing a blanket endorsement. However, if you have candidates that you believe to be conservatives and who are in tight races, please send us their names. Time is short and until now we haven’t had the clout to make an impact in those elections, but our numbers have swelled. We are willing to help in any way we can. Again, we will not just support anyone. They must be demonstrably principled.

Working Title Clarification

We received a lot of responses to the working title of Unified Conservative Party. I should have been more clear. This will NOT be the name of the party. A working title is one that tells the general theme and identity of a project. For example, the movie Casablanca had as its working title, “Everybody Comes to Rick’s.” We want to unite conservatives into one party that can be the true third option with a Republican Party as centrists and the Democratic Party as liberals. That is why we selected it as the working title, but the actual party name will be one that exemplifies our goals, beliefs, and principles as a movement. We are still playing with several names having whittled it down from hundreds. Thank you for your input; most of the finalists were recommendations from you. It’s not too late. We will be selecting and announcing shortly after the election, so get your recommendations to us ASAP.

Growth First

When we launch following the election, we will light the beacon of conservatism for as many Americans as possible to see. This is why we have chosen to wait until after the election. Today, there are so many distractions and an accumulation of hard feelings surrounding the two major party candidates. Regardless of who wins, conservatives will need to find a political home that represents their values. Some will need this immediately. Others will learn over time that the GOP has left them. It is our job to get the word out now so that at launch, our beacon can be as bright as possible. Please tell everyone you know who would be interested.

News Updates

Since this email was longer than normal, we’ll only give three posts to check out this week:

  • With the GOP at its weakest, the time for a new conservative party is now: Let’s get the 800-lb gorilla out of the way before getting to the meat of the issue. Donald Trump’s rise and subsequent fall is not the cause of the Republican Party’s collapse. It has merely been an amazingly destructive symptom of the liberalization of the party for the past five decades. The eight years we had with Reagan were nice, but to the party they were a speed bump along the road to the middle. That has always been their desired destination. The GOP has quietly wanted to be the populist party since Goldwater’s defeat.
  • On November 9, let’s give principles the primacy they deserve: There are hardcore supporters who have been there from the beginning for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was these supporters who helped propel each to their party’s nomination and nothing that comes out between now and election day will change their minds. Most of the rest of us have been forced to take a hardline approach as well. In this late hour, the accumulation of October surprises will not change our voting preference. The surprises are THAT bad; Trump’s locker room talk is countered by Hillary’s Wikileaks corruptions which counter accusations made against Trump which counter Hillary’s attacks on the pro-life movement which counter… you get the point.
  • Transitioning to a smaller government: In this excerpt from a radio interview, I discuss my views on how to reduce the size of government by transitioning individual departments, agencies, tasks, and studies either to the private sector or out the door completely. Until government waste is addressed, the tax burden will continue to prevent the citizens from living freely while the national debt continues to explode.

The Iron is Hot

Now is the time to strike. After the election, the GOP will attempt to sooth any hard feelings its conservative members feel. It doesn’t matter whether Trump wins or not. They’ll go into damage control mode to assure conservatives they have a voice. We haven’t had a substantial voice in the party for decades, but we always get hints of the potential. The Tea Party has helped to put conservatives in office, but the party keeps them on the fringe, never really accepting them as the heart and soul of the GOP. It’s time to give them their wish of being the centrist party. To do this, we need to act. We need to say that enough is enough. We need to unite behind principles first. We must start today.

Thank you and God Bless,

JD Rucker

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Nay for endorsing McMullin; not because I have anything against him, but rather I believe we should maintain a clean break. Nevertheless, this is a party decision. 🙂

  2. Nay. I think endorsing anyone right now diminishes our attempt at party status. We would look like a PAC not a party. We need to “come out” as a party if we want to be taken seriously.

  3. Yay for McMullin because he is the direction I would like to see conservatives to go. Enough of the push for more and more extreme stances on issues! Where has it gotten us? I support a common sense, constitutional approach to government.

  4. Yay. If for no ther reason than he put his life on hold to stand up against Trump and Clinton. But there are lots of other reasons. One of which is he has a huge following and tons of support from the very people we would want to bring into this party. He brings an entire movement with him.

  5. I’m writing Evan McMullin for President on my ballot. He is the only candidate who speaks for the fiscal conservatives who also happen to be socially accepting and inclusive. Evan McMullin speaks clearly and concisely on foreign policy and immigration. Vote your conscience not your fears!

  6. As a lifelong Republican, I have been more than troubled with this election. When Evan McMullin entered the race I found hope. I have been working side by side with volunteers in our state to help spread the word. These people have restored my faith in humanity. At at time when our country seems so divided and full of hate Evan McMullin has given true conservatives a voice. He has stood up for what is right when no one else would. He has a deep knowledge of the constitution and believes with all of his being in the basic principles our country was founded on. Please, if you don’t know Evan, or you feel you have to vote a certain way to block another candidate, consider looking into him. As a conservative, as a Christian, and as a human I cannot consider voting for any other candidate this year. I will write his name and be proud to have someone who represents me well to the rest of the world.

  7. Please vote or write-in Evan McMullin for President of the United States. He has amazing experience with counter terrorism, business and government. Mr. Mcullin upholds the constitution, respects all races, religions and genders. All of that plus he is so, so smart with practical policies. EvanMcMullin.com

  8. Yes to endorsing Evan McMullin! He is the only true conservative candidate running for president and I think he well represents your stance on conservativism.

  9. I was planning on not voting for a president for the first time ever this year (and possibly staying home altogether on Nov. 8), until a friend introduced me to McMullin, the only conservative in the race. I’m excited to vote once again! Yay to McMullin!

  10. Yes!!!! To endorsing Evan McMullin!! He is a conservative leader with a strong moral character, integrity, and stands on principles. He has a strong background in fighting terrorism and experience proving that he can work with the House of Representatives to get things done. He is ProLife and for smaller government! In addition to strength and experience, he also has compassion for others, and his policy stances reflect his desire for a better and more united America and world. I am voting for Evan McMullin for President!

  11. YAY! Endorse McMullin. The only thing that stands between McMullin and the white house is being known. He is definitely conservative and if we can give him a push…we should unite to give him a greater name recognition. Each of us should work tirelessly doing whatever is in our power through the remainder of this election cycle. I have never felt as much hope for America as I do now with McMullin.

  12. When you post articles like the one by Steve Burman (Hail Mary: An Election Decided By The House), you do a disservice to the people who read your site. The article is inaccurate is a t least 2 ways. The Clinton/HW Bush election was decided by the House, and Article II of our constitution states that only a person on the ballot for that election is eligible to be considered by the house.


  13. I give my hearty approval and support to Evan McMullin. I have already contributed to his campaign with the goal to keep this effort rolling beyond the 2016 election. Thank you.

  14. Support the only candidate with true integrity, honor, conservatine values, strong morals. EVAN McMULLIN, the right man for US President 2016.

  15. Yes endorse Evan McMullin. His success is the start to a viable new conservative party and your work in starting such a party is the continuation of his successes.

  16. Nay. While McMullin is certainly a breath of fresh air in comparison to Trump, I do not see him as a rock ribbed, Constitutional Conservative. I would much prefer a completely fresh party, platform and candidate. I like McMullin in the role he is playing in this election, but I think a new party can and should be able to do better.

  17. Yes to endorsing and voting for Evan McMullin. He is the only reason many will be excited to got to the polls this election! He has shown courage. When our country is in trouble, brave people will stand up and fight for what is good and right. Our country is going in the wrong direction. We have lost our way. We are moving away from our constitution laws that give us a firm foundation and need to recommit to basic rights of life, liberty and the right to pursue happiness. We need to fight for equality, all have been created by our creator with unalienable rights, all men are created equal, equality leads to personal freedom or Liberty and Liberty leads to strength, strength for our country and allows us to pursue happiness. We are moving away from conservatism, less government, more rewards for personal responsibility, empowering and rewarding individuals, families, small businesses to thrive. We need a new conservative movement that may not mean a new party, but will have to see. We need a party that will stand up for basic rights and beliefs and for our party’s principles. What happened this year? We need Evan McMullin to be president and introduce, articulate, empower and apply his policies/principles to strengthen all of us, to give us hope and get our country back on the right track.

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