They’re coming after Sheriff Joe and yesterday’s links

The left has been known to make examples out of people they feel are threats and Sheriff Joe is definitely a threat to them. As such, they’re now going to try to put him in jail for enforcing the law.

Forget the history of socialism at your peril

Congress should tell the OMB to stop dividing the country

The election is already over, and we’ve all lost

NFL forced to reimburse advertisers for falling ratings

Ben Sasse an Adult Among Us

Ben Sasse: An adult among us

Umm… so Alex Jones took his shirt off, again

Beck to vote for Darrell Castle

New Mexico College Republicans endorse Gary Johnson, denounce Trump

RNC spokesman accused Weekly Standard of inventing a quote. They then released the audio proving he said it.

How Julian Assange turned Wikileaks into Trump’s best friend

One GOP woman issues thunderous Tweetstorm against Republicans standing by Trump

Mike Pence, Trump enabler

Polls show Trump tape shifted millennials the most: Trump now trails by 43%

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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