Trump TV and yesterday’s links

There’s been movement on the post-election TrumpTV front, bringing up questions about the validity of Donald Trump’s campaign. Is his media empire the fallback in case he loses the election or was it the end goal all along?

NC State admin calls microaggressions “death by a thousand paper cuts”

Catholic University bans pro-life posters to shield students from “bigotry”

FSU poster: Harambe costumes are “cultural appropriation”

Hammer: Mitt should endorse McMullin

Health, shelter, and food now major concerns in Haiti

Reclaiming toxic masculinity

Duterte’s embrace of China

Iraqi refugee pleads guilty to trying to help Islamic State

Naples cops arrest alleged Islamic State sympathizer, seize arms cache

How the Islamic State became a major world threat

How Israel became a hub for surveillance technology

UCLA students step on U.S. flag in protest of Bruin Republicans event

Brooklyn College; Hornets nest of pro-terrorist activists

Seattle teachers enforce Black Lives Matter indoctrination

Student denied permission to post flyers questioning UW-Madison’s “Orwellian speech policing”

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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