Where do conservatives belong?

Tea Party

While this may seem like an obscene question, it is one that we should all take a moment to think about: “Where do we conservatives belong in the realm that is politics today?’

While the quick and easy answer is the Republican Party, what have they really done for us? Most of the time, they either refuse our strict conservative values, or just refuse to fight for them.

This past election for example, we had several candidates with good strong conservative values. Yet the GOP immediately wrote them off as being too far right to win the general, and thus backed the more moderate candidates. While a lot of Republicans claim to have strong conservative values, are they being honest? And if so, will they fight tooth and nail to defend the well-being of such values?

Now, just because the GOP isn’t rallying behind strict conservative values, that doesn’t mean the Democrats are – they are the opponent. And most Republicans just sit on the sidelines. So, if the GOP doesn’t reflect our beliefs, and the Democrats oppose us, where are we conservatives supposed to stand? The answer is with our own political party.

History throughout parties

Throughout history, conservatism has made its home in several different parties – or bounced around through different ones. Between going from the Whigs, some Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and now the Tea Party, conservatives merely sought a solid place to push conservatism’s platform nationally. With the possible exception of the newly-formed Tea Party, even today’s both major parties have failed. They either failed because the party would no longer show strong support for the conservative, and push their values (Republicans); or the party values substantially changed, and they no longer align with conservatism (Democrats).

Death or rebirth?

Many people believe that with this election comes the death of conservatism, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Conservatives will never roll over a die just because the candidate that “represents” our “(supposed) party” is going to lose. And, the fact that we haven’t had a conservative president since Reagan, doesn’t mean we’re just going to go away and die. The establishment GOP no longer defends conservative values, they won’t fight for our cause, and they won’t support our champions. They fight against our champions in congress, like Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, as if were members of the opposing party.

All of this, because they fear change and don’t embrace our strict principles. We must fight for our great and honorable principles. When you see champions fighting for our causes, they almost always do it alone– the Establishment GOP doesn’t have the guts to stand with them, because they are impotent and don’t want to seem too extreme. So no, neither of the two major parties support staunch conservatism. But, that isn’t the death of conservatism… it is the birth of a new era for conservatism.

So what does this mean for conservatism? Does it mean we revolt against our respective parties, abandon them in lieu of a new party, which espousing our values and supports our champions? Or, do we all go and join the Tea Party, which already claims conservatism, and run into the battle ready to fight fiercely for our values and principles.

Either way it goes, have faith. The conservative movement will continue to fight for the principles that we value most and never give up. We have fierce fighters, that will defend what we believe, no matter if it is popular or not. With the unrelenting support of so many great people, conservatism will always live– no matter which party we stand with.

Michael Jones

Social Media Director & Writer for The Rouser. Writer for The New Americana. Auburn University '19 Finance Major, War Eagle. Lover of everything politics & coffee.

  1. Well spoken from the heart of a young patriot. Never lose hope. The flame of Liberty and Freedom and Justice that God has implanted into our hearts is meant to last the ages. No, we will not give up, for our cause is just. It is the cause of the Almighty and the Creator of our souls. Let us keep the faith and keep up our efforts to liberate the United States from the dregs of a socialist/marxist nightmare.

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