Who lost the last debate? America.

America lost the debate

Donald Trump:  “I won the debate!”  Survival Joe: “Did Trump Lose the Debate?” Conservative Book Club:  “Who Won 3rd Presidential Debate?”  Dick Morris:  “Trump Won Debate; Lost Election . . . “

Well, what really happened?  It began to look as though Trump was back on the leash and under control – he landed a few soft punches, he claimed again that he would be “appointing” conservatives to the Supreme Court (but of course this is out of his hands – the Senate must agree and he has been trashing conservative and establishment Republicans running for Congress, which, if he has succeeded in damaging them and diminishing Republican numbers in the Senate, he will be helpless to “appoint” anyone).  It is one of these cases of “cognizant dissonance” – he says one thing today but it clashes with everything he has been doing and saying.

He laced into Hillary about the economy – noting she’s been there for 30 years, but it also fell softly because he has, throughout his entire life, been a party to her wrongdoing, supporting her for 30 years, along with every other Democrat whose policies would destroy us but who could do him a solid.  She also whipped back with his dealing for profit with China and everyone else.  Immigration, which is supposed to be a Republican, Trumpish issue, was turned back on him due to his use of undocumented and abused workers.  Overall, despite being an indefensible crook and far left activist, Clinton made him look like the bad guy every time.   Hillary slammed Trump for his fizzled trip to Mexico to give their president what for – she accurately reminded everyone that  he went down there and “choked”.

Trump had some cards in his hand with the recent leaks exposing the DNC’s instigation of disturbances at Trump rallies, but he got whacked on his coziness with Russia and slammed again on his silly call for Russia to find her missing emails.  All in all, he missed way more opportunities than he benefitted from.  It is part and parcel of an attention deficit problem he seems to have – he starts an attack but then loses interest and is distracted.  Again, he fell to defending himself because he can’t ever, ever be wrong.  He had to claim again that he doesn’t really know Putin (he is on record in the past saying he met him and they hit it off just great – so he can’t stop lying).

He dropped the cherry on top of the whipped cream, though, when asked if he would accept the outcome of the election.  “I’ll keep you in suspense.  OK?”  Well, not so much OK, Donald.  You could have said a number of hedgy things that would have been OK – you could have said “I will be watching for any abuses, if there is a close call we will look at a recount, we will be vigilant about any voter fraud, as I am sure the other side will . . . etc.”  But he didn’t.  He said, basically, that he would not accept the outcome if it does not produce the unlikely result of a Trump victory.  His recanting later was lame and stupid.  Why does he have to say things he is forced to take back a day later?  I guess we should be grateful for the retraction – he still has never retracted his accusations against Cruz and his family.  The only thing to be accomplished by this statement rejecting the election outcome is to appear to be what he really is:  a certifiable kook.  Just what we need running the country.

It is so depressing to contemplate the state of our country and the state of our people, that this election is almost more than any patriot can take.

I got an email from a relative who, I think, summed up the evening better than I could.  With his permission, I will close with it.

As usual, I didn’t watch any of it, though I did hear part of it on the radio. It was probably the weakest performance in a debate for such an office that I’ve ever heard in part.

Where was Admiral Stockdale, and why wasn’t he there? He would have been a STAR!

Can you imagine what Reagan would have done with an opportunity like that?

Like I said, I only heard part of it, but even the dim wit that I am could have come up with better responses.

When the suggestion was made that Trump enlisted the aid of Russian hackers (forget for the moment the question of whether or not he did) the response should have been something more like this:

What reasonable person could imagine hackers, whether in Russia, China, North Korea, France, Iran, or anywhere else in the world sitting on their thumbs waiting for me to ask them to fire-up their keyboards and scour the internet for the emails you deleted from your computers?  It might be a terrible surprise for you to someday understand that whoever you sent them to or received them from probably has a copy on their computers.  I pity them, for I can’t imagine a more precarious position than that would be.  Perhaps even more to the point would be the question of what kind of life one would lead that would cause them to be in such fear of information hackers, from any part of the world they might operate, might reveal, and furthermore, wouldn’t it be in the best interests of a democracy such as ours, intended to be governed by the people, to welcome information from any source that might help them in their decision to elect honorable leaders?

Toddlers with GUNS?  Really? Is that a major epidemic….toddler assassins?

While indeed there are tragic accidents occasionally, and owners should be encouraged to be responsible in their storage and use, I would be remiss if I didn’t make note that the infamous terrorists of 911 didn’t use guns, and that a full 30% of the nation’s prison inmate population are illegal immigrants. Nothing against immigration per se, but the goal should be to make America a Great and Safe land of Opportunity not a costume party of illiterate, desperate, and unvettable refugees that will be a burden if not a danger to the American people. No borders…no thanks, Hillary!

Again, I’ve no respect for either of them, I just think just about anybody but the dim witted Donald could have had a slam dunk with this debate.


Sally Morris

Sally Morris is a political commentator and writer for The New Americana and the Dakota Beacon. Raised in a very conservative environment where politics were the common topic of discussion at home, she began early to develop critical thinking skills and follow political news and events. At 15 she was drawn to her local Republican headquarters where her typing skills were put to work preparing canvass sheets, poll sheets, maintaining files. She was precinct committeeman in her state district and chaired two committees in a state Republican Convention. The deterioration of Republican Party principles has been a concern throughout her years as a Republican. In 2009 she organized the first tea party event in her city, which spawned a core group of activists. Today Ms Morris defines herself as a “constitutional conservative independent”. She has also written for newspapers under the names “Kathleen McCarty” and “Ellen Jones.” As a property owner she took on the city council’s plan to destroy her historic neighborhood and subsequently authored the first successful nomination to the National Register of Historic Places of a linear resource (Granitoid Pavement) for its engineering and design. It was also placed on the State Registry (North Dakota). She has also seen first-hand the corruption of the eminent domain principle when her Minnesota home was seized for development of a project which never, in fact, materialized, although the home was demolished. This experience brought into sharp focus eminent domain abuse as well as other corrupt practices in local government. (Another reason why she opposes Donald Trump and Haley Barbour). A devotee and performer on Celtic Harp she has also presented discussions on topics of Irish history and music at the Fargo/Moorhead Celtic Festival. She and her late husband, Clyde Morris, homeschooled their three children, now grown and also published authors and musicians.

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