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Today’s update will be shorter than most. There are several things in the works that need a little more time to play out, but it’s important for the new party that members are never left in the dark. In a political atmosphere where transparency has become a punchline, we want to maintain true transparency.

Here are some of our activities that are still in motion:

  • Discussions with the Constitution Party: We have taken another (our fourth) shot at working with a preformed party. We’re closer than we’ve ever been, so those who have had hopes of us joining forces or even taking them over from a strategy perspective can hold onto hope a little longer. As previously noted, we will only work with them if they’re willing to adopt a strategy that makes an impact rather than the current strategy of making a statement. With the two terrible candidates at the top of the major tickets and a weak offering from the Libertarians, this should have been a slam dunk for the Constitution Party to get 2-5% of the vote or more. Instead, they’re projecting to struggle at getting 1/10th of 1%, which is where they were in 2012. If we can work with them today, great. If we have to outgrow and engulf them in the future, so be it.
  • Job openings/volunteers: Our list of needs to fill as the core skeleton of the party is prepared and will be released the day we officially launch. This might seem insignificant, but I was surprised about many of the needs. So much of this party will be operated from the grassroots; it’s shocking how few of the jobs require political experience.
  • 200+ new handraisers daily: Our initial projections were based upon 90-120 handraisers per day. Since October 9th, we’ve averaged over 231 per day with a couple of days spiking over 400. It’s important to note that our party growth strategy is a modern “viral” strategy, which means the bigger we grow, the faster we’ll grow. There’s no need to adjust our projections until after we launch, but this is extremely encouraging.
  • New parties everywhere: Others who are forming new parties have been reaching out and we’re reaching out to any that we hear about. With our goal being to unify under a single conservative umbrella, it’s nice to know that so many are thinking along the same lines. If you see or hear of any parties, please alert them to contact me. We want to help bring as many conservatives together before the next election as possible. There’s no ego involved here; we aren’t here to compete or impede but to unite.

Party Name

We’ve narrowed down the potential party names. We received nearly 400 recommendations and all but one of the finalists were recommended by you guys. This week, we will be releasing the names for you to vote on, so this is the last call for recommendations. Send them in quickly!

Endorsing Conscience

The question of whether or not to endorse Evan McMullin’s campaign drew a tremendous number of responses. While there are still votes trickling in, we can “call the race” and declare that we will be endorsing the conscience vote this election. Despite a flurry of votes that came in through the website after the article was shared to a pro-McMullin group, the majority chose to not endorse a Presidential candidate this cycle.

It’s important to understand that we will not be a party that exists to be a protest vote. We’re here to help conservatives win. We will face opposition from every side, which means we must be smart and righteous at the same time. In the battle for souls, Jesus defined what must be done much more eloquently:

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.Matthew 10:16

Our political battle is not on the same scale as what they faced back then, nor is it as important, but the advice is applicable. The wise move for the party is to stay clear of this Presidential election because we are not in a position to make an impact. If your conscience says McMullin, Trump, Castle, Johnson, or any third party candidate, then vote with your conscience. Then, prepare for the next campaign to start on November 9th. That’s when we will start making our moves to pull America back from the precipice.

Here’s an article that was published for us at Moonbattery. I haven’t read the comments yet, but based upon the volume, I suspect I’ll be replying to a lot of questions, concerns, and outright attacks. This is what we must be prepared to face. The chaos on the right is based upon passions pulling us in so many different directions. We must be willing to face adversity head-on. At this stage, the person facing that adversity is me, so I’ll be setting aside a good chunk of time later today to reply to those comments.

Please remain diligent. We’ve received hundreds of questions and thousands of comments that remind us daily that we’re heading in the right direction. Our success at launch will be partially determined by the interest we’re able to generate before officially launching. Please continue to share our message and goals with friends, family, and those you can reach, whether through technology (social media, email, comments) or in person. We need as many people to raise their hand for updates as possible.

Thank you and God Bless,

JD Rucker

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. My suggestion is to revive the name of the Liberty Party, an abolitionist party from the 1840s. Whether it be ensuring the fundamental rights of the unborn or stopping the federal government’s march towards a nation of silenced and enslaved serfs, our country needs a party that will stand on principle for the sacred cause of liberty!

  2. JD, one of the criteria, I would like to see for an endorsement would be how the campaign is getting funded. With the debacle of the Tea Party and the fraud around it, it would behoove us to know where the funding is going. It would also tell us who is backing the person for office.

  3. “It’s important to understand that we will not be a party that exists to be a protest vote. We’re here to help conservatives win.”

    If I am a Republican and I vote against a Democrat ..I am making a PROTEST vote…

    So basically it is just every man for himself…

    With no real rallying point this election…

    1. In this Presidential election, there is no rallying point. The GOP failed to put up a unifying candidate. The third parties failed to rise. This year, the best we can do is vote our conscience, learn our lessons, and build for the future.

  4. While they’re having a knock down drag out at moonbattery I will say this – that young people, despite what you hear, are getting it. More are standing up to their lefty teachers and professors. Native Americans are starting to scratch the surface to get out. They see reservations as a socialist model. More Americans of black heritage are changing their tune. Problem is black people from the islands that are here are creating a problem. We need to listen and take notice of where we have inroads. There will be a vacuum after the election and we need to fill it.

  5. I can’t wait for this to launch, but I’m also not naive to the fact that a concerted effort from both major parties are going to pull no punches to see this fail. I don’t want to be so guarded that we’re constantly watching our backs to see where the next knife is coming, but as J.D.’s biblical quote admonishes, we’ll be getting “wolves in sheeps clothing” coming out of the woodwork to demonize this from every angle. Hold strong.

    1. Thank you, Greg. We see challenges ahead and we know there will be some that we don’t anticipate. The one part of the strategy that we believe will keep us relatively safe from the other parties is the one component of the party that will not be transparent: size. We won’t be the party that puts out a press release when we have ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or even a million members. By the time we announce a “milestone,” we will be at a point where we feel safe that we can’t be squashed easily. Our hope is that we won’t even appear on the other parties’ radars until we’re big enough to be a real problem for them. Otherwise, they’ll treat us as they’ve treated every other third party for the last 100 years – ferociously and with no remorse. It’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to use growth as a “buzz builder” to generate more growth, but we’re better off growing with other strategies and keeping our threat below their radar for as long as possible.

  6. As for a new party, I think any name based on conservative or conservatarian will severely limit appeal.

    I’ve lost all attachment to the term “conservative”. We have compassionate conservatives, kinder gentler conservatives, neo-conservatives, paleo-conservatives, common-sense conservatives, and constitutional conservatives. I read something the other day where the person claimed to be a progressive conservative?!?!?! What is that?

    One cannot conserve what no longer exists. If Burke sought to conserve the tranditional ways and was the antidote to the radicals (I think he was), I am ready to say the radicals from Rousseau to Jefferson to Marx to Wilson to Roosevelt to Obama to Clinton finally won.

    John Adams argues in his A Defence of Constitutions (written before our Constitutional Convention), mankind is intrinsically prone to become corrupt and greedy. Therefore, the only solution for self-government where there is liberty under the law is to divide the power. Federalism works because power is divided, dispersed, and balanced between the branches and between the federal government and the states. Therein lies the failure of how we ended up here — we lost our balance of powers. Adams also offers the way forward: re-establish proper balance.

    This is an easy to sell to those who’ve never read Locke, Burke, Adams, or Bastiat: “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. If the goal is to end corrupt cronyism, corporatism, and get the money out of politics, the solution is to divide and disperse power. That is federalism.

    We are not conserving, we need to establish the proper balance of powers using our federalist model. Therefore, I am a federalist. I hope a new party is built around the federalist philosophy. I think it should be called the Federalist Party.

  7. I kinda’ like my previous offering of Heritage or American Heritage. But Federalist may be OK. My fear is that people who aren’t adept at American history may interpret that to be meaning “more federal government control”. We must keep in mind that our young people have not learned true American history and instead learned the liberal twisted version. I imagine them dredging up the “founders were slave owners” mantra. Which they could also do with “Heritage” I suppose. This is very important. From a practical standpoint it needs to be something easy to say when we talk to others. I agree with Brian, the word “conservative” has been too bastardized to have any meaning anymore. I eagerly await the decision.

    1. Any party name will require education and can easily fall victim to demonization and mis-characterization.

      Whatever name is chosen, we will need to write a great deal to properly define the name and the party.

      As you indicated, you know that federalism is a system where power is divided, dispersed, and where competing entities can “check and balance” one another. Looking at our system today, congress passes scores of unconstitutional laws infringing on the rights of states, Congress also shirked many of their legislative responsibilities allowing executive agencies to exceed their mandates, and executive has now gone completely rogue signing treaties they call “understandings” or executive orders they call “actions.” We now have prima facie evidence the executive pressured the chief justice of the supreme court to throw the Obamacare case. Federalism has broken down because of an over-concentration of power.

      Before Madison, Hamilton, and Jay wrote the Federalist papers defending a federalist system, before the delegates to the Constitutional Convention drafted the most enduring and effective Constitution ever devised, John Adams wrote A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States (referring to the various state constitutions). Adams went through every form of government tried and explained why a federalist model with balanced powers was the best form for protecting liberty under the law.

      While Madison, Hamilton, and Jay were defending a document and specific design, Adams was advancing a philosophy — humans, as a species, are prone to greed and corruption, we need a government where power is divided and distributed in a balanced way to ensure to counteract the negative tendencies of mankind. Adams is the original federalist, and Adams is the philosopher and political theorist whom we should look toward as our cornerstone.

      David McCullough (historian) claims John Adams is the only founder who never owned, inherited, sold, or profited from slavery. John and Abigail Adams were decidedly anti-slavery.

      Heritage is an acknowledgement of our history, and a sound name, but open to mis-interpretation. Heritage does not describe a philosophy or model of government. While we are proud of our heritage, most people who passed through public schools in the last 30 years were taught America is evil.

      We need to focus on the future. Granted, Adams’ ideas are from the past, but the ideas are functional, current, and applicable to a future with a balanced federal system.

      Anybody — regardless of age — can think of personal incidents where unchecked power led to abuse. The antidote — dividing power — is easy to explain, easy to sell, and easy to understand — it makes sense.

      A wider understanding of the meaning of the name will come in time, provided we can justify it. We might sell it though as “checks and balances” and “home rule”.

      1. Your argument is well taken Brian. I’ve read McCullough and am slowly making my way through the Federalist Papers. Education will be a very important part of this project. Fortunately for us we have some great resources in Hillsdale, D’Souza, and for short attention spans Prager and many others. I see young people in my family very open to learning the truth, but small doses seem to work best. I’m on board with Federalist.

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