Busy weekend and yesterday’s links

We had a very busy weekend preparing for the upcoming election and the start of a new party following the election. As a result, I missed an update, so here are plenty of links for your to catch up on in the meantime.

David French: The price I’ve paid for opposing Donald Trump

Leftist wannabe dictators attack Trump by comparing him to leftist dictators

Disproving Trump’s “rigged election” theory in two minutes

Russian indicted in U.S. on charges of hacking LinkedIn

Heritage: A more dangerous world means we have 33 minutes to prepare

“Vetted” Iraqi refugee pleads guilty to supporting ISIS

Jews, Christians and UNESCO’s Jerusalem resolution

Radio ad inspires Nebraska couple to foster an insane amount of children

Fear factors are not options for faithful Christians

North Korea teaches that Christians kill people and suck their blood. No, really.

New scientific study proves “fetus as parasite” arguments are false

Do not blame Never Trump

Don’t blame Never Trump…Erickson: Cultural Trumpism

…Federalist: 7 things voters should care about besides Trump vs Hillary

…NR: Neither candidate is serious about our fiscal trajectory

…Soshable: On the national level, the conservative base must be built from the House

…Study: Millennials prefer giant meteor over Clinton, Trump

What happened to Trump’s proof of his innocence?

Laura Ingraham jumps shark, accuses conservative resistance to Trump of supporting partial birth abortion

Coming soon: Trump 2020

Gore 2000 Trump 2016 and liberal hypocrisy
Gore 2000, Trump 2016, and liberal hypocrisy

…Hemingway: 4 takeaways

…Caruso: 5 takeaways

…Vander Hart: 6 takeaways

…Berrien: Did Trump launch TrumpTV last night?

…Opeika: Debate a Trump TV “beta test”

…Finkelstein: Scarborough rips MSM’s hypocritical “freak out” over Trump’s refusal

…Albright: Why Hillary is wrong about corporations

…Harsanyi: Hillary’s 5 most outrageous lies from the debate

…Madden: A full-term baby CAN be ripped from the womb in half of America

…Barrett: Trump nails Clinton on her extreme abortion views

…Krauthammer: Trump was winning debate “on points” until he committed “political suicide” with one answer

…Wright: Trump’s unfortunate answer on immigration

…Stephens: Hillary revealed America’s nuclear response time

,,,Shapiro: 8 thoughts on the debate

The Trump effect: Amnesty is now much more popular with voters

Trump spokesman jumps through hoops with Megyn Kelly over Trump denial

Erickson: Donald Trump wants Hillary Clinton to be President

Catholic schools pitch new standards as alternative to Common Core

The coming “sexism” tsunami

DNC Chair Donna Brazile melts down when questioned about Wikileaks, Project Veritas

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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