Gettysburg and yesterday’s links

Trump took the stage near the site of the famous Gettysburg Address. His results were not quite the same as Abraham Lincoln’s as the big story from the event was that Trump is going to be suing the women who are reporting he sexually assaulted them.

Word “man” banned from CSU Fullerton, along with “secretary,” “male nurse,” and more

Education: Diversity through segregation?

New report says there’s no free speech “crisis” on campus, gets Yale Halloween “really wrong”

Hannity and the altar of Assange
Hannity and the altar of Assange

…RightScoop: Hypocrite Hannity sends love to Wikileaks. He used to decry them for putting soldiers in danger.

…FoxNews: Trump, Hannity talk Wikileaks

…Twitchy: Senator Ben Sasses sends Hannity some reminders

…Mediaite: “Oh my”

…RedState: Sasse’s strong record on cybersecurity issues

Aim high

ISIS kills hundreds in Mosul

Is Iran ratcheting up influence-peddling in American universities?

Radical Islamic ideology: Not about winning or losing

Stop Iran by stopping North Korea

America’s foreign policy is turning Iran into a world power

Voter ID

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