The state of Senate races and yesterday’s links

The vast majority of political media attention is being paid to the Presidential election, but at stake are both the House and Senate as well. The Senate in particular looks vulnerable for Republicans. Will they retain a majority or will the next President have a Democratic Senate to work with?

Unalienable rights for a sovereign 21st century America

House GOP to probe Pentagon veterans bonus clawbacks

…Moonbattery: Feds renege

For Iraqi Christians, mix of hope and horror is a daily affair

U.S. helps Muslims, not Christians

Iraq’s elite Golden Division liberates ancient Christian town after years of ISIS barbarity

An 11th accuser is about to come forward against Trump

Krauthammer: “I cannot vote for Donald Trump”

Trump lawyers want to ban Trump’s campaign trail comments from Trump University civil trial

Trump: I would stop AT&T-Time Warner merger: “Deals like this destroy democracy”

Out of place

Legal team blasts Obama abortion-funding scheme

France’s Marine Le Pen promises to ban religious clothing and symbols, including Christian ones, to fight Islam

Instead of celebrating Planned Parenthood, what about studying its founder?

Talk American

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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