Beside Hillary, beneath the tree of good and evil

Beneath the Tree of Good and Evil

I finally got around to hanging an art piece – an American flag painted onto an old, wooden cutting board – that I had created for my husband who, like any good Southern boy, is a proud patriot.

As if in a trance, I found myself just staring at the painting as if I couldn’t move, unable look away. At the time I completed this piece, I remember feeling a sentimental joy and a subtle sense of awe filling my entire being as I gazed upon those bright stripes punctuated by a deep ocean blue. Now, though, something was different. Something had changed.

There is no doubt that images of the American flag exude a unique essence of power, dignity and allegiance, and evoke strong feelings within the heart of the viewer. For me, the feelings had always been positive, almost spiritual. Yet, as I stared at my painted flag mounted high upon the wall, a feeling of sorrow came over me. In that quiet moment, I fully realized a truth that I have been avoiding for some time now: America isn’t America anymore and my once bright future here in the land of the free was looking a bit dimmed.

I realized that the sorrow I felt was actually me experiencing the mourning process; mourning for America.

As the Presidential election draws nearer, I am slowly beginning to face the high probability of a President Hillary Clinton. As a woman this possibility is especially concerning. Like a sudden dream, I felt as though I were standing beside Hillary Clinton in the Garden of Eden, beneath the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: it was the kind of dream where you try to scream, but no sound comes out of your mouth. It was a sensation of helplessness.

In the Book of Genesis we find the story of Adam and Eve. There, in the Garden of Eden, Satan inflicted his first lie, his first deception upon womankind, disguising himself as a beautiful serpent and wrapping his deceit in a garment of half-truths. Through a devilishly clever and manipulative conversation with Eve, that beautiful, serpentine creature was able to convince the first Earthly woman that the wisdom of God could be hers. After some debate, Eve gave in to this great temptation of acquiring power and she ate the sweet, forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Sadly, with the fruit’s power of knowledge came a sharp and bitter aftertaste as Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden to endure the sufferings of a mortal life and, ultimately, a mortal death.

Now, it was I who stood naked in the Garden beneath the Tree of Knowledge: I was standing in Eve’s place. On cue, the serpent approached me singing a beautiful melody of lies which floated through the air and into my ears. This serpent had a name: Hillary Clinton. Though I stood in place of Eve, I was actually filled with the hopes and the dreams and the spirits of all womankind here in America. As the serpent continued her seductive, melodic trickery, the women within me were deceived and became animated. I felt as if I were being overwhelmed by a crowd of women marching me toward the edge of a cliff: I was being pulled along with them as my feet were drug forward across the ground. I tried to scream out, “No! Stop! Don’t listen to her! She lies!” My voice, however, had no sound at all and my efforts were to no prevail.

While this was just a passing image playing out in my mind, this scene is symbolic of our current reality in America. Hillary Clinton is a conduit of evil, one which will ultimately only serve to erode what remaining choices, liberties and self-determination we women have in our lives.

The sad truth is that most women fall in line behind this slithering, madam pied piper. A Hillary Clinton Presidency doesn’t mean a greater life for women, though she deceives many who her modern promises of female power: it is simply a rerun, a 2016 repeat of the deception found in Genesis. Those of us who are able to discern the truth are destined to endure a weakened state, to be pulled over the cliff with the hypnotized, female mob. Thus, it is now that I stand here before you, trying to shout out words of truth and a message of warning. Perhaps, unlike in my scenario in the Garden of Eden, my voice will be heard.

Hillary Clinton’s unimaginative, stuck-in-a-rut policies dedicated solely to fulfilling the interests of public school unions alone will only waste money and make it far more difficult for mothers who must work, especially low-income women, to send their children to safe, high-quality schools. As an education professional I understand that there is a purpose for teacher unions. However, Hillary Clinton’s stated goals do not actually address students’ needs or teachers’ needs, but instead serve the union bosses’ own power-driven agendas while shielding slack, poor-performing educators from termination. In addition, her policies will only further erode the quality of education as more and more agenda-driven, social justice-drive curriculum infiltrates the classroom, squeezing out much needed formal, core skillset instruction bit by bit.

Hillary Clinton’s confounded and bizarre dedication to keeping the failed Obamacare health care system will just continue the downward spiral of market collapse and mass provider exit. More and more single working women (like my friend Lyndsy) will continue to lose quality healthcare coverage as the market choices disappear, leaving only a single participating provider. Choices of healthcare plans will also continue to disappear as well, only to be replaced by crummy “bronze level” plans as a woman’s only choice for coverage.

Hillary Clinton’s deceptive promises to womankind of higher pay, cheap childcare, etc., will each bring about their own set of negative consequences, as a President Clinton interjects the government into more and more aspects of our lives where the government simply does not belong.

The devious, serpentine mistress hisses little more than foul, hot air. One glimpse at her policy promises found on her website,, illustrates this. Sweet-sounding lies, in the form of well-worded “policy” melodically distract and conceal a no-action, power-driven presidential marketing campaign disguised as a dedication to women’s issues. In reality, there’s really not much there, and what is there is far from reassuring.

Most disturbing, however, is the destructive effect a President Clinton would have on a woman’s free exchange of ideas amongst her peers and in the intellectual marketplaces of the world. The election of Hillary Clinton will simply embolden the blood-thirsty feminist Gestapo whose cannibalistic practices are not limited to conservative-leaning women. Active feminists, and even entire feminist groups like The Women’s Liberation Front, who voice disagreement with biological men using the ladies’ facilities, have been chewed up, spit out and shunned via the radical left’s weapon of choice: the pen.

To spite the supposed stance of speaking up for women, the radical feminists don’t handle dissent very well at all. Any woman found guilty of the crime of non-conformity – having your own opinion and individual, intellectual thoughts that don’t tow the party line – on any single issue is quickly labeled and then pathologized. This dog-eat-dog behavior will only increase under a President Hillary Clinton, shaming and silencing the voices of women across the country.

Oh, and go ahead and forget about any dreams of being a dedicated, stay-at-home mother: those are the worst kind of women. Thanks to the left’s vigorous, perverse and unending indoctrination of America’s youth via public schools, any woman who doesn’t consider a lifetime of servitude to the workforce, where she can grind down any man in her fiery path, is not of any value to society. She’s just a lazy, useless eater. Plus, we mustn’t forget about America’s boys. No man is really a man unless he expects his wife to work fulltime, shipping the kiddos to daycare five days a week at the soonest possible time (in most states an infant can enter childcare once the infant is 6 weeks of age). Like good boys, our men will simply fall in line, applying the slithering serpent’s pre-designed expectations to all women making it even more difficult for a woman to advocate the importance of motherhood to her hypnotized, indoctrinated husband. Men raised by single, working women will never consider the possibility of wanting more, of wanting better for their own children.

Gosh, the espoused Clinton promises of more choices and a better future for all womankind is looking more and more narrowly defined by the minute.  Such is the case with Hillary Clinton, a woman who has never lifted a finger to help anyone but herself. Nevertheless, here we stand alongside the slithering, serpent, in the Garden of Eden, beneath the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, perfectly content with being repeatedly deceived. I suppose our fate then is fitting – when we put your faith in a liar, you are certain to be left at the bottom of a cliff, gumming the bitter aftertaste of false promises, of the forbidden fruit, which is nothing more than the clever illusion of power.

Perhaps it isn’t the American flag that has lost her luster; dimmed by complacency and deceived by the serpent. Conversely, ladies, it may just be us.

  1. The serpent beguiles, then he becomes the dragon who persecutes and destroys those who refuse his cunning lies. While Hillary is not really the serpent, she is allowing him to work from within her. She has been a liar all her life, like her father, Satan.

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