Obama’s email scandal and yesterday’s links

The President of the United States once declared that he learned about Hillary Clinton’s private email server from the news. Now, we’re finding that he sent and received emails with the private address and Clinton’s staff tried to figure out how to clean up the mess.

When will liberals answer for Obamacare’s failures?

Remember, Democrats lied to you about lowering your insurance premiums

Barack Obama’s house of cards

Breitbart, liberal activist took down Rubio, Cruz
Breitbart, liberal activist took down Rubio, Cruz

…Politico: Coordinated to disrupt GOP primary campaign events

…RedState: How do you help a liberal beat conservatives to win the Republican primary? You work with and coordinate with other liberals to do so.

…Erickson: Advancing the Clinton agenda

…RightScoop: Same guy who was caught in O’Keefe videos

…Soshable: Trump, Breitbart, and others took down the GOP to build a media empire

…Berman: How Breitbart, Bannon and the Lügenpresse elected Hillary

…Moonbattery: Breitbart is right-wing. Whether it is conservative in any meaningful sense is increasingly open to dispute.

Bar Association suppressing report calling Trump a “libel bully” over fear of lawsuit

Trump and his supporters blame everybody but him for his troubles

Trump’s biggest vulnerability is Trump

Unaffordable Care Act

Unaffordable Care Act…FoxNews: Administration confirms double-digit premium hikes

…WSBT22: Obamacare on life support?

…USA Today: Rates rise 25%

…DailyWire: Some states will face premium increases of 50% minimum

…NR: Comprehensive mistake

…Gerri Willis: The Obamacare endgame is coming into view

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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