What the two-party system is doing to America

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It’s no secret that the two-party system is causing more damage than good in our Country. The two-party system has created a ridiculous level of divisiveness that breeds hate among us. It has also forced people to refashion their views to fit certain descriptions instead of what they actually believe.

Disunity among society

This article by The Wall Street Journal describes one of the rare marriages across party lines. While they make it work, the author describes very heated debates and disagreements.

These types of marriages are getting less and less frequent because of the disparity among voters across party lines. In this article it is even noted as being as low as a mere 9%. The two-party system is ruining some marriages and keeping several relationships from ever beginning because of a difference in opinion.

These disparages among people on opposing sides of the political spectrum aren’t only with marriages. These levels of disagreement and distaste for others is fairly common between friends, and even families.

The two-party system is nearly forcing people to choose a side and to reject the views that oppose theirs. Whether it be friends or family, it has created a divide among several people who have found themselves in disagreement. It has pushed people who have been friends their entire life into disagreement with each other, and in turn ruined their friendship. It has pushed the views of families apart creating separation and misunderstanding. It is doing nothing but creating a divide and it is time for it to go.

Altering real views

Not only is the two-party system creating conflict among all kinds of relationships between people, it is not representing the views of all of their voters. There is no way that two parties could completely embody the opinions of everyone in America, and this is a major flaw in the system.

One way that this system is messing up people’s views is that it is commonly believed that the only “real” parties are the Democrats and Republicans. This is because they are the main ones really advertised and shown favoritism to. No one really believes that a candidate from one of the smaller parties could win, so they simply disregard them.

This is causing every young voter to join one of the two major parties and change their real natural views into the views of the two main parties. Young voters do this because they want to vote for a candidate that they actually believe can win. And because of this they only really think of the Democrat and Republican Party when they decide. This is eliminating any chance of “perfect” candidates for all voters.

The tailored views , size, and control of each party is making it impossible for voters to choose a candidate that represents all of their views. This is altering voter’s real views and making them support candidates that may not really embody their natural beliefs. It is a disservice to voters who may not agree with everything about their party’s candidate and places them in a lesser of two evils situation.

The power of the two-party system is pushing voters to support people who do not completely symbolize their views.

Third parties

The current system is also very discerning for third-party supporters and candidates alike. It seems nearly impossible for a third-party candidate to win because of the power and influence of the two main parties. People just aren’t inclined to vote third-party in this current situation because they feel as if they cannot win.

It can be argued that this election cycle would be the perfect year for a third-party candidate to run and to have a chance, but even now it isn’t working. And if it isn’t working in an election cycle where there are arguably the worst candidates that has ever ran, then it will probably never work. This is why the system needs to be reconsidered, so when the “big” party candidates are failing to reflect the views of American people there will be other choices. And so voters can actually back candidates that more accurately reflect their views instead of one of the main two party’s views.

Image credit: Intelligence Squared.

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