Busy weekend and yesterday’s links

You were all so proud of me, weren’t you. I’ve gone nearly three weeks with only an occasional slip in my update routine, but his weekend proved too busy, too loaded for me to get the updates posted. I’ll hopefully return to my daily schedule soon so you won’t have to sift through so many links at once.

N.J.’s 4th largest city may soon offer IDs to unauthorized immigrants

…TNA: File this under “You can’t cure stupid”

A new poll from Gallup shows that support for the so-called assault weapons ban just hit a record low of 36 percent

…Resurgent: Finally, a poll that shows some sanity

Newt Gingrich to Megyn Kelly: “You are fascinated with sex”

…Politistick: Newt cracks

Gingrich attacks Kelly. Trump attacks Ryan. This isn’t about beating Hillary. It’s a scam.

Forget Trump or Hillary and vote down-ballot!

Wrong, Hillary: No medical evidence finds abortion can save a mother’s life

Emails between top Clinton staffers in 2015 will spark more questions about Hillary’s health

James O’Keefe’s latest video shows dirty dealing of Hillary and the Democratic underground

Amanda Carpenter blasts GOP for abandoning Republican women for Trump and the alt-right

Glenn Beck: I’m not counting Trump out yet

Garry Kasparov: Trump is Putin’s “perfect agent of chaos”

ISIS massacred 250 children

UNESCO passes 2nd resolution denying Jewish, Christian ties to Jerusalem

…Resurgent: Cruz stands against UNESCO plan to remove Jewish ties to Temple Mount

NRCC ad praises Congressman for not backing Trump

Justice Thomas: D.C. is “broken”

Cruz suggests Scalia’s seat could remain vacant indefinitely

…DaTechGuy: Eight is enough… justices

Facing Iran, U.S. allies in Lebanon are in trouble

Syrian warplanes bomb school complex in the most horrific massacre of children since war’s beginning

8-year-old Palestinians sent to attack Israelis

At the U.N., another Obama kowtow to the Castro regime

Why war veteran and quadruple amputee Travis Mills is thankful and “tough as they come”

Social conservatism’s demise is neither inevitable nor desirable

The toxic talkers doing nothing to advance conservatism

Shapiro: NeverTrumpers and reluctant Trump supporters, stop questioning each other’s motives

Ziegler: If Trump loses, we must control the narrative with the truth

Krauthammer: “The universe of Trump supporters is simply not large enough to carry a plurality”

A closer look at the hypocrisy of the Obama’s moral outrage over Trump

Planned Parenthood wins injunction against Indiana law protecting preborn babies from discrimination

40 Days for Life anti-abortion bus tour holds vigil in Phoenix

Are Christians called to choose?

Trump: “We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump.”

Trump and reconciliation

Trump says Clinton is too tough on Putin

Trump happily backtracks on his claims of a election “rigging”

Eugenicists at Planned Parenthood sue to abort Down’s babies

Trans activist: Using pronouns that align with biology is just like saying the N-word

Beside Hillary, beneath the tree of good and evil

Supreme Court will hear school transgender bathroom case

Political hostage Mark Levin goes on rant against Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

Bill de Blasio regime attacks food carts, blames them for global warming

Globalist, cuckservative: Deadly words you must learn to understand the alt-right

Fear and flop sweat

Fear and flop sweat…Politistick: Joe Biden has the ultimate reaction to learning that Weiner is involved in email scandal

…FoxNews: Comey memo to FBI staffers says election, timing required disclosure of renewed probe

…RedState: Hillary demands transparency. No, seriously.

…Judicial Watch files lawsuit for FBI records on Clinton email investigation

…DailyWire: More bombshells to come?

…Gowdy: “I understand she’s upset, but…”

…Gowdy again: Hillary knows Comey can’t release information in the middle of an investigation

Never Trump vs. political hostages

How Citizens United protects a Mezcal company’s right to criticize Donald Trump

The Republicans giving in to Donald Trump

More evidence the Trump family realizes they’re damaged goods

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