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Election 2016

One week left. The world will change.  To think we started this roller-coaster of a campaign season over a year ago, with 17 republican and five democratic candidates. Some stood out as solid leaders with traditional conservative values, namely Cruz, Paul, maybe Jindal and Fiorina. You also had the standard RINO’s such as Rubio, Graham, Huckabee, Bush, etc. Then there were the others: Donald J. Trump, Dr. Ben Carson. Who knows what was going on in their minds — just try to label Trump a Republican and tomorrow he will flip-flop on everything from views on abortion to regulating healthcare. Call Dr. Carson a pedophile, and next week he’ll endorse you.

On the left side of the aisle, the nation had the options of a communist, a lying-tyrannical hypocrite, and irrelevant pansy O’Malley. There were others, but there’s no point in taking time to remember them. Because after all, the fix was in from the beginning. Even while everyone was accusing Clinton of cheating Sanders out of the Democratic nomination, the DNC still managed to juice him. The recent WikiLeaks revelations of the Podesta emails just prove what everyone already knew. And of course the media was in on it too, forcing CNN to cut ties with DNC Chairwoman, Donna Brazile, after proof emerged that she leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

Yup, Sanders got punked. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. Especially after the last DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned from her position and simultaneously dignified with an “honorary” chair position in the princely Clinton machine. They are all corrupt, the whole lot of ‘em.

Yet as I write this, I still cannot comprehend how Republicans managed to couple themselves with the current nominee. Wait… maybe I can. After all, this so called “Republican Party” is far from how republicans are supposed to be, let alone conservatives.

For instance, Arizona voters once again nominated John McCain as the republican nominee for Senate. Seriously? Senator McCain scored a 32% Liberty Score, according to Conservative Review; and a 51% by Heritage Action Scorecard. Conservatives have always found McCain too liberal on immigration and gun control, so how…? So much for 2016 being the year of the outsider.

And it’s not just him, the majority of “republicans” in Congress vote liberal and push for bills that are opposite of what conservatives believe. Why has Obama gotten his way on nearly everything until the end of his term, when everyone is up for re-election? Do you not get tired of being lied to? “We will stand strong against Obama and the Democrats! Just send us $20 and I will stand for smaller Government! Isn’t that what you want?” Then, while we’re being duped, the special interests and lobbyists pump political ammunition into their pockets. Make everyone feel as if they are a part of something and we can change the world— if they let big government take care of them.

So, please tell me, how did we end up with more BIG GOVERNMENT if we had the majority? It was an amount of “bipartisanship” that was too good to be true. Going forward, we must differentiate ourselves from these “republicans” and come together under true conservatism; where our ideas can be exchanged, innovated and implemented. Not demagogue-ial promises, compromises and wasting even more taxpayer money.

In a week, the world will change. Everything from foreign relations, economic markets, geopolitical disputes to, God forbid, war. Until this country, the greatest in the world, wakes up from its simulated condition, we will inevitably end-up with the same, if not worse, type of candidates. America is better than that. The time to think ahead is now. “This is not the lands we inherit from our fathers; this is the land we borrow from our kids.” I read that somewhere in a class recently. It resonates. Change starts with you. Change starts when you decide. Change happens when you make it. Let’s make it.

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  1. “he majority of “republicans” in Congress vote liberal and push for bills that are opposite of what conservatives believe…So, please tell me, how did we end up with more BIG GOVERNMENT if we had the majority?”

    Not only are ‘they’ not conservative, they are not really ‘Republican’ at least as it relates to the platform. In their districts and states, they need to say they support lowering taxes to increase growth, support reducing regulations to increase liberty, oppose excessive spending, oppose massive deficits and oppose abortion. They don’t believe any of it. So, during obscure committee meetings they vote to table the motion for reconsideration of the substitute language for sub-section C, or in a private, backroom they agree to not dissent on a unanimous consent motion allowing the progressive agenda to proceed unhindered. Publicly, they oppose the final law and they always seem to miss by just a handful of votes.

    …and so the last vestiges of federalism are worn away as more and more power is centralized in DC in a massive leviathan.

    ‘They’ would prefer to be in the minority at the table of power for a powerful centralized state, than to be in the majority at the table of power for a limited state with enumerated powers.

    If you want a concrete example of this, read the first chapter, “Mendacity” in Ted Cruz’s book “A Time for Truth.”

    Another great example is Senator John Cornyn. When he last ran for re-election in Texas, he blanketed conservative radio with ads about how he was fighting President Obama. There were clips of him interrogating Attorney General Holder and summaries of all the Obama programs he opposed. Except, when it came down really mattering, Cornyn voted for the debt ceiling increases, voted for the budgets funding abortion, voted for funding Zerocare, and voted to confirm Obama appointees. The times he voted against the measures were after he voted to allow them to proceed to a vote, knowing he’d be able to cast his vote as a minority without any risk to the agenda.

    These are Quislings…saying they are defending our positions, policies, and values while actively working with the enemy to disarm us entirely.

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