Introducing Suni Leinart, our new managing editor

Suni Leinart

When we first set forth to build this site in April and to officially launch in June, our goals were aggressive yet singular. We simply wanted to be an alternative for those who appreciated conservative news aggregation but who didn’t want to be bombarded with constant pro-Trump propaganda. Sites like Drudge Report were attacking conservative candidates and principles, so we strove to push back with a purer message.

As the Republican Party quickly became the Party of Trump, we saw a new mission quickly forming. In July, we started researching the concept of launching a new conservative party. Research turned into desire. Desire turned into action. Action turned into a new mission. Suddenly, we were facing the dilemma of having two important and parallel yet overwhelming goals. How could a small group of people handle the pressure of two large tasks that required daily activities? More importantly, how could I be editor of The New Americana and also lead the formation of the new party while still having a business to run, a family to feed, and a God to serve?

I needed help.

Help has arrived.

After an exhaustive two month search through which I vetted several great candidates, I’m pleased to introduce our new Managing Editor, Suni Leinart.

Suni was born in flyover country USA. She grew up in a small blue-collar community ravaged by big government policies in a state long-battered by the progressive agenda with an unrivaled reputation for political, ethical and economic corruption. She graduated from a local college in 2002 as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, worked as freelance journalist for local print media outlets, then as copy editor at a local newspaper.

I found her on one of our favorite sites, The Resurgent. Her perspectives were very similar to mine: smaller government, appreciation of life, and reestablishment of individual freedoms that have been systematically stripped from Americans for decades. She sees things from a slightly different angle; as a millennial, she represents the extreme energy of a younger generation than mine that must be harnessed if the conservative movement is to thrive in America once again.

While my focus shifts towards building the party, Suni will be able to find more writers (like you) and increase our flow of unique content. Unlike Drudge, we will be producing articles of our own that conservatives need to read, so having a strong managing editor is paramount. We want to be more than just an aggregator. We want to contribute to the cause directly.

Please take a moment to congratulate her. follow her on Twitter, and contact her with questions, suggestions, or your own desires to contribute. The need for conservatism in America has never been greater. Spread the word and help us make it happen.

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Suni, welcome aboard The New Americana. JD has certainly put down the roots of a movement that is focused on supporting, growing, and spreading genuine conservative principles, which is obviously long overdue. There are many of us across our country who want to pitch in to make these efforts successful. You can count me in.

  2. Welcome aboard…May the Lord bless the work of your hands, May you be blessed in your coming in and going out..May he give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding)Psalms 2:6) and in all that you strive to do may the Lord show you his good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2)…

  3. Greetings Suni,
    Wishing you all success in your new endeavors. I know you’ll be very busy getting things organized the way you want, but, please find a way to let us communicate ideas and or issues with the site, in a easy way. And thanks for the help.

  4. Congratulations Suni, and the very best of luck to you. It’s exciting to be a part of this grassroots movement and to have some hope again. Looking forward to reading all of the great content for hopefully our new party.

  5. Thanks to you all for such warm welcomes:) Very excited to be a part of this movement; and pledge to do my very best to provide like-minded liberty-lovers with fresh new content, opposing viewpoints — and most importantly, the unvarnished truth buried beneath the false reporting & partisan spin infecting the news media today.

  6. Congrats Suni! as an older Conservative it is “awesome” to see that conservatism can still bud from the millennial crowd even though all the educational cards are stacked against you. The future is before you and good luck.

  7. Congratulations Suni! I am/was very happy to see The New Americana form, and the hope and desire of a new Conservative party being formed. Having always followed politics and being involved at different points in my life I suddenly found myself with very few news outlets as all my standbys began attacking conservatism. So thank you to The New Americana, and good luck Suni! I will be following daily!!

  8. Suni, Congradulations! JD has done a great job with NewAmericana …. it has become the first page I always turn to. Look forward to it growing under your professionalism and leadership!

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