Obamacare’s failures and yesterday’s links

While all of the focus has been on the Presidential election, the item that should be at the center of election talk is mostly disregarded. Obamacare is demonstrating that it’s a complete disaster with nearly every new piece of news. Perhaps after the election we can actually get media to examine this debacle.

Krauthammer: Final days, awful choice

Hey GOP: What will you do without your young activists?

Megyn Kelly accuses Roger Ailes of sexual harassment in her new book

An electoral tie? It’s possible.

Socialistcare is failing miserably
Socialistcare is failing miserably…NR: Obamacare enrollment begins with Democrats trying to defend the indefensible

…Video: Ted Cruz fact-checks Obamacare

…IndyStar: Anthem could pull out of Obamacare

…DailySignal: 7 times Democrats admitted the truth about Obamacare

…NR: Obamacare’s slow, painful unraveling: Costs are going up, coverage is decreasing, and it will only get worse from here

…Dailywire: Obamacare enrollees skipping doctor visits due to cost

…Politistick: More terrible Obamacare news on first day of open enrollment

…Strident Conservative: Obamacare lies, damned lies, and statistics

…Federalist: 4 reasons Obamacare is also a lemon for people with pre-existing conditions

What Martin Luther could teach today’s Church and today’s Republican Party

Sorry Richard Dawkins, science and religion are compatible

Kansas pro-life voters have an opportunity to vote against abortion

Dang Russians.

The Daily Caller’s illustrated history of everyone Donald Trump has threatened to sue during his Presidential campaign (so far)

Evangelicals : This is what it looks like when you sell your soul for a bowl of Trump

Erickson: I held my nose long enough

Why no one is talking about the most disturbing Trump lawsuit of them all

…NY Daily News: California woman accusing Donald Trump of raping her when she was 13 cancels press conference amid threats

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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