Our final electoral prediction

TNA Electoral Map Prediction

It’s odd to call this our final prediction since it’s also our first prediction, but we’ll put it out there for the record.

Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and New Hampshire all go to Donald Trump. Michigan stays with Hillary Clinton despite a last minute scare. Georgia leans in her direction as well. Evan McMullin, try as he may, loses in the last hour to Trump in Utah.

There was no science put into this. We didn’t consult Nate Silver or Nostradamus. We looked at the polls, considered what the sentiment has been, and felt at least a little pull from many of the papers who are now predicting a Clinton blowout. When we have the opportunity to be contrary, we will.

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

  1. If Clinton wins Georgia then I think she also wins Florida and North Carolina.

    At the time this was posted, I would have had these differences:
    Georgia to Trump
    Nevada and NH to Clinton

    Closer I think but still a Clinton win.

    Now there are newer polls, and I think Clinton will win North Carolina or Florida (possibly both), and also Nevada and New Hampshire. Unfortunately Trump will probably win Utah. I would love to see McMullin win it though.

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