Bridgegate and yesterday’s links

It would have been the top political story of the day on most days, but this is election 2016. As such, the revelation of major convictions of Chris Christie aides convicted in Bridgegate was barely a blip on the news radar.

Hillary’s electoral firewall breached

Assange bombshell: “Trump won’t be permitted to win”

Wikileaks: Hillary appearing on SNL more important than human rights campaign speech

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism… unless it hurts Hillary

The votes are in: The media lost the election

Glenn Beck says Breitbart won’t allow Clinton Cash author to come on his show

If voting is sacred, early voting must go

Euthanasia deaths hit record high in Belgium. That matters for the U.S.

John Piper: Christian, you are free not to vote

Hollywood caught humanizing fetuses on The Big Bang Theory

Is the government ignoring Christian refugees

Black pro-lifer: No wonder there’s so much violence when Planned Parenthood aborts 7 million babies

Hillary Clinton and the extreme abortionist culture

The unreported weirdness of Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks: Podesta invited to “spirit” dinner; host’s known “recipes” demand breast milk, sperm

3 ways the Clinton campaign became the Trump campaign

Former FBI official Kallstrom: Agents are furious the DOJ is stonewalling investigation

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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