Fight the liberal fiscal policies of BOTH parties!

Fiscal Policy

There’s an old adage that goes something like this:

“If you don’t swear while driving, you’re not paying attention to the road at all.”

That pretty much sums up how I feel about politics these days.

We have two parties hell-bent on grabbing as much power as possible.  Since there’s only so much of the pie, the next best power grab is to increase the size of the pie. This is exactly what the Republicans and Democrats have been doing for decades.

The federal government has DOUBLED spending in the past 15 years.  The even scarier part is, the so-called “conservative” GOP has been in charge of congress for 75% of that time!

Just put this in perspective, think about how much money you made in 2002…  Do you make twice that much money now?  Has inflation risen at 5% a year?  Of course not.

So, if the “conservatives” have been in power for the past 15 years, HOW has this happened? The answer is really simple. Republicans learned the trick that Democrats mastered long-ago— “If  you promise people free stuff, they will vote for you.”

The Democrats held the White House for 20 years in a row after passing the series of entitlements now bankrupting our country; and doomed our future generations into severe default risk.

To their credit, the Republicans have chosen to execute this Ponzi Scheme differently than Democrats. They promise to cut taxes, while keeping all the programs that people love. Basically, slicing the country’s income, but not touching expenditures. That is what they promise. In reality, they slice the country’s income while INCREASING the country’s expenditures, as evidenced by the doubling of the budget over the past 15 years.

When do we finally put an end to this madness?

When will we band together, under a new party, and finally end the LIBERAL fiscal policies of BOTH parties?

We need to start electing future leaders at the local level who believe that Government should be modeled in the form that our Founders envisioned.  We need people elected at the Federal Level who will adhere to three simple rules:

  1. Protect the Constitution – every… single… word
  2. All other issues are governed by the 10th Amendment
  3. Government should be small, cheap, and vital to protecting our rights

Everything else is secondary at this point.  America is at a financial and moral crossroads. The time has come to take action before it is too late!

We must fight this battle with calculators, pocket constitutions, and common sense— before this all bubbles over into a conflict that will require bullets and casualties.

We need conservatarian candidates flooding ballots in 2018, and we need YOU to be one of them!

Who is willing to join the battle against the LIBERAL fiscal policies of BOTH Parties? Who is willing to stand up and be counted amount the most Patriotic in this great land The hour is now. Stand up, raise your hand, put your name on the ballot, and be a part of our revolution!

Todd Hagopian

Todd Hagopian is a former financial advisor, who is now a Global Marketing Director for a Fortune 300 company. He manages two small mutual funds through, in the Biotech and Defense sectors. He currently spends his free time scouring the investment world for Contrarian investments to help him bolster his portfolio's ROI each year, along with writing Conservatarian political articles.

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