We are in every way tired


Hillary Clinton, some years ago, was quoted as saying this: “I ain’t in no way tarred.” She was speaking at an event with a majority African-American audience and she was trying to get down with “the peeps.” She sounded like a northern imitation of my late father who spoke with a hillbilly accent and said “tired” as “tarred and “fire” as “far.”

The fact of the matter is that we are all pretty “tarred”, or tired, of this election. It’s not only a matter of having to chose between cat poop or dog poop in one’s soup. It’s the fact that it seems to be never ending. On the day after inauguration, the new political campaign for president will begin; whether it’s Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Loretta Sanchez or Tim the homeless guy at the post office. Every day is a campaign day, whether overt or sub rosa.

It didn’t used to be this way. Before 1992, the normal campaign for primaries didn’t start until about the November before the election year. Sure, there was the occasional early starter. But that person was considered a bit outre’. They appeared a bit needy and wanting attention, either because there was something they were trying to hide or just wanting their name in the paper.

The populace would have about a  three year relief from national politics to focus on state and local matters. Because, before 1992, people realized that the federal government was constitutionally limited in what it could do.

So what changed? Bill Clinton. More than any other candidate, Bill Clinton made the national government and himself the savior of the nation. Don’t bother going to the town or county or state meetings. Just file a complaint with your local federal agency, and your problems will be solved (as long as you are on the “right” side).

Bill Clinton, more than any other politician, made national politics a year round sport. It has been, every year, since Bill Clinton decided to run for national office. An unrelenting drumbeat of national office and national office and nothing else matters. Mr. Clinton ushered in the “365 campaign.”

And what do we get? Stress and strife. Sturm und drang. Idiocy and uber-ididocy. A bunch of pols and shysters wanting us to vote for them, to rule us. Either to tell us what to do, what to say, or give us the liberty to do or say what the constitution guarantees…. 365 days a year.  Every damn day and day after day after day.

We lose by our toil and sweat and they lose nothing. A voted-out politician, on the national stage, gets a higher paying job than he or she had in Congress or the Senate. And the same goes for the Presidential office.

We suffer. They don’t. They are living (winning or losing) “la vida loca.”

So, while I refuse to commit to the cat poop that is Hillary Clinton, or the dog poop that is Donald Trump— I will say that I am tired and “tarred.” I’m tired of national politics and wish it would come back down to the state and local level.

Dave Payton

I have been a a machinist in the aerospace/defense industry for over forty years. I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over forty years. I was a sailor in the U.S. Naval Reserve in the 1970s. I have little education beyond high school except trade school and an apprenticeship. I am a conservative Christian in both faith and practice. I'm am mostly interested in cultural issues as opposed to politics. And I like dogs and pigeons no matter the breed.

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