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Russia was in contact with Trump’s people during the campaign

A blow to the non-elite elite

Dow opens it new all-time record high

Trump team's revenge

Trump team’s revenge…DailyCaller: Here’s the list of people Trump’s considering for White House jobs

…Politistick: Bannon, Priebus, Conway, Spicer, Lewandowski, on list, while other prominent names missing

…RightScoop:  Many of these picks will set the tone for his administration

…Berman: It’s time for Trump to renounce the “alt-right”

When everyone’s Hitler, nobody’s Hitler

Hard times ahead for global warming hoaxers

Meet all the new Republican governors

Anti-Trump protests, some violent, erupt for 3rd night nationwide

Anti-Trump protests, some violent, erupt for 3rd night nationwide…DailyWire: Watch anti-Trump rioters turn on themselves

…NoisyRoom: Communists mobilize to disrupt Trump’s inauguration

…Shapiro: The left’s ridiculous response to Trump election is why he was elected

…Federalist: The left thinks they’re the only ones allowed to riot

Advice for Trump’s transition team

The Republicans’ current plan to “amend” Obamacare will destroy the American economy

Trump should make NATO great again

Nolte: Personally, I’m enjoying the crybully riots

Michelle Obama wants executive order to make White House garden immortal

Barkley: Those upset with the election results need to “move on”

Matt Lewis: The new GOP base, Trump administration, and angry celebrities

Meet the new members of the Trump team

Make no mistake, a Trump administration will have an enemies list

Islamic State group slaughtering civilians in Mosul, says U.N.

Boko Haram: Diary of a journalist’s trip to Borno

Turkey loves Egyptians as if they are our nation, claims Erdoğan

U.N. reports civilian killings by Islamic State, other atrocities in Mosul

Supporting Trump and fighting for conservatism are not mutually exclusive
Supporting Trump and fighting for conservatism are not mutually exclusive

…Boston Globe: For conservative true-believers, life in the GOP is going to get harder

…Chicago Tribune: Donors and lobbyists already shaping Donald Trump’s “drain the swamp” administration

So much for repealing Obamacare

The wall may include some fencing

Trump pledges to immediately deport 2-3 million illegal aliens, hints at amnesty

Here’s another reason judicial nominees matter

Social conservatives carried Trump across the finish line. Now it’s time for him to carry their issues.

The next great battle for conservatives: Keeping RINO insiders out of the administration

Chris Christie abandoned over Bridgegate

…NY Post: “He was tolerated in the past because he was viewed as a kind of nice Tony Soprano”

Laura Ingraham under consideration for White House press secretary

…RedState: So it will be a circle of sycophants

SNL’s cold open was a stream of liberal tears

Leftist identity politics pit Americans against each other

California cafe wants legal fees paid by Muslim women who sued them

He wont
He won’t

…RedState: President-elect Trump supportive of gay marriage

…Dreher: Trump consolidates gay rights

If you like your legacy...

The good, the bad, and the ugly: A comprehensive guide to America after Trump

Trump would prefer if America were a democracy instead of a republic. Endorses popular vote. Which he lost.

Six more takeaways from Trump’s victory

Trump and GOP establishment betrayal has officially begun

Trump backs off Clinton prosecution

Trump backs off Clinton prosecution: “I don’t want to hurt them”

…RightScoop: Trump going soft on investigating Hillary

…RedState: Trump says the Clintons are “good people”

Freedom from Iraq: How the GOP can end the war of the war

“Deradicalization” programs face critical test in upcoming Islamic State cases

Stopping the global jihad: Why is the U.S. failing?

Russia and Iran in talks over $10 billion arms deal

Planned Parenthood braces for cut-astrophe

Feminists’ post-election panic over birth control is shallow and manipulative

Republicans now need to protect Christians from persecution in America

“Enemies Within” documentary exposes proposed DNC chair Keith Ellison

If the Clinton Foundation was so great, why aren’t Democrats pushing donations now?

Presidential legacy in flames, Obama says Trump’s about to learn his ideas “don’t match up with reality”

Say goodbye to your legacy, President Obama

Is Nancy on the chopping block?

Is Nancy on the chopping block?…WSJ: Delay to leadership vote gives unhappy members time to organize support for potential challenger

…LI: Double, double toil and trouble…

Man criminalized by NJ gun laws, pardoned by Chris Christie, becomes a Baltimore police officer

Kansas gun law snares 2 in federal prosecution

Sanctuary city officials promise to keep protecting illegal immigrants

7 things to know about John Bolton

…Politico: Rand Paul attacks John Bolton as possible Secretary of State

…RedState: Giuliani is the frontrunner for Secretary of State

Jeff Sessions for Secretary of Defense?

Jim Webb for Secretary of Defense?

Kris Kobacj for DHS Secretary?

Rick Scott for HHS Secretary?

Levin: “Where are all of the conservatives” on the Trump administration short list?

Trump: “If you like your light bulb you can keep your light bulb”

Donald Trump’s transition team hits major snags

Conservative think tank breaks with Trump in describing Russian threat

Paging Donald Trump: A federal judge just sided with teenagers against western civilization

Trump requests security clearance for son-in-law Jared Kushner

House GOP might bring back pork-barrel spending

…DailySignal: Conservatives war GOP not to revive earmarks in wake of Trump’s win

…Washington Times: Voters caution breaking Trump promises to end cronyism

…ATR: We oppose lifting earmark ban

…Horowitz: Weakness, failure, cronyism, idiocy: The GOP is back in DC

…Needham: Return of earmarks would boost the ruling class

…Mises: Instead of draining the swamp, the GOP is greasing the wheels

Activist pushed by OSU student calls charges unnecessary

Teachers OK’d students skipping class to join anti-Trump protests

Israel-themed party is yanked from “Around the World” night at college with deep Israel ties

Federalist Party launches to support smaller government candidates, initiatives

Confiscated weapons sold to fund police equipment

Minnesota police officer charged with manslaughter in Philando Castile death

Illegal aliens want Obama pardons

A national defeat for school choice?

Time to shut down public schools?

Israel-bashing professors at UC Berkeley play victim

Watch as these delicate snowflakes welcome young children to Ben Shapiro’s speech at UW-Madison

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