Time for America to relearn the ABC’s

In the wake of a $19.8 trillion dollar debt that is growing every day, expect Congress to continue implementing the one widely-accepted, bipartisan policy: massive federal spending. And once again, be prepared for that inevitable tide of politicians who’ll want to increase taxes in order to justify going even deeper into debt.

It is time for a change! Americans need to embrace a new view of government… a much smaller, much simpler view.

It is time for a new generation of American thought leaders to emerge.  This generation must follow three simple rules (as laid out in this article).

  1. Protect the Constitution – every… single… word
  2. All other issues are governed by the 10th Amendment
  3. Government should be small, cheap, and vital to protecting our rights

This is what the founders had in mind when they formed, what is now, the longest-running republic in the world.  If the words were not written into the Constitution, then the federal government was to stay out of it.  The American Revolution was fought due to an overgrown central power, and the founders were keen on keeping the government as small as possible.

Compare that view to what we have now.  A government who operates post offices, insurance systems, space exploration, and owns more land than any single property owner in the country. On top of that, we’re fighting multiple wars, aiding rebel groups in countries we prefer not to fight in, spying on virtually every country abroad, and spying on our own citizens within our own borders.  The founders would be sick to their stomachs, if you had told them that 217,000 brave soldiers died during the American Revolution for this!

As George Washington warned lawmakers in 1793, “No pecuniary consideration is more urgent, than the regular redemption and discharge of the public debt: on none can delay be more injurious, or an economy of time more valuable.”

Politicians need to revolutionize how they look at our government, and it all starts by re-learning the ABC’s:

A – Always
B – Be
C – Cutting

We need to take this mantra to the federal government, every state government, all the way down to our local governments.

We need to CUT the size of government. We need to CUT taxes. We need to CUT the debt! We need to CUT spending. We need to CUT needless regulations. We need to CUT victimless laws. We need to CUT Foreign Wars. We need to CUT Foreign Aid.

If we replace our elected officials with legislators with this mindset, we will soon see this tide of irresponsibility begin to turn. Balancing our budget will no longer be considered “extreme” politics. Our paychecks will start going towards helping our families, rather than paying back China for the interest on our national debt.

Government will be relegated to serving and protecting the people, rather than participating in the race to bring home the bacon to their own states.

Businesses will be free to use their hard-earned money to drive new innovation, and thus create new products at better costs; rather than using that same money to comply with regulations, which add $0 value to the consumer or the economy.

If you believe in this message, please share it on social media, with all of your friends and every member of your family. Yes, it is that important. America is at a historical crossroads. We can either relearn our ABC’s, or we will very soon find out that it is too late to turn this ship around.

Todd Hagopian

Todd Hagopian is a former financial advisor, who is now a Global Marketing Director for a Fortune 300 company. He manages two small mutual funds through Marketocracy.com, in the Biotech and Defense sectors. He currently spends his free time scouring the investment world for Contrarian investments to help him bolster his portfolio's ROI each year, along with writing Conservatarian political articles.

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