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Looks like I’m turning this into a weekly thing. Sorry to make these lists so darn long, but the efforts being put into other areas make it harder to do this daily. I’ll try to return to daily updates, which I greatly prefer, once things settle down. If things settle down.

Georgia Representative Tom Price is favorite for HHS Secretary

Texas AG Ken Paxton: We were on the verge of losing our Constitutional government

Believing every bad thing about Trump is as harmful as denying every bad thing about Trump

Nikki Haley: The lesson of Trump’s win for the GOP is to remember that we’re the party of limited government

Huckabee denies reports he was tapped as ambassador to Israel

Baltimore teacher reaches “breaking point” in racist confrontation caught on video

Anti-Common Core groups uneasy about Trump Education Secretary shortlist

Education is so far left, it can’t really see the right

Students declare Syracuse University a sanctuary campus

President of national teachers’ union cites holocaust in comments on Trump

ESPN public editor admits network has gone far left-wing

…DailyWire: It’s killing their ratings

News doesn’t get much ‘FAKER’ than this! Brian Williams to get his own show (seriously!)

The US Election without the Electoral College

Daily fantasy powerhouses DraftKings, FanDuel agree to merge

Electing to “opt out” of Obamacare

Green energy companies showered money upon tribe protesting Dakota access pipeline

Obamacare takes from disabled people to subsidize able-bodied, working-age men

Trump declares victory: Ford will NOT move Lincoln production to Mexico

Maryland’s plea to EPA: Make out-of-state power plants run pollution controls

Fed’s Bullard leaning toward supporting December rate hike

Not a scratch

The complete irrelevance of the insufferable, self-righteous left

Anti-Trumpers release personal information of electoral college members, encouraging harassment

Out of excuses, liberal soar losers are blaming racism for Trump’s victory

5 things you need to know about Trump CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Pentagon and intelligence community chiefs have urged Obama to remove the head of the NSA

…RedState: Obama administration trying to fire Trump’s NSA choice

Hamilton and Hate

“Hamilton” and hate…Twitchy: Show some class, liberals

…Mediaite: Cast speaks directly to Pence: “We truly hope that this show has inspired you”

…RightScoop: Pence booed while attending “Hamilton”

…HeatStreet: Liberal crowd sides with George III
…RedState: “Hamilton” responds to Pence

What are you protesting?

Ex-boss of NYPD oversight agency: Make police records public

Teen grandson of Congressman Danny Davis slain during home invasion

More bad news for North Carolina gun shop owners

The trouble with Trump following Obama

The 5 most egregious things Congress has done in lame-duck sessions

“Animal Farm” seventy years later

Santa Claus fired for putting Hillary on naughty list

Rand Paul continues to be Rand Paul

Coburn: Enemy of freedom is Congress and courts, not President-elect

On his way out, Obama cedes Arctic energy control to Russia

Obama’s Middle East legacy: The rise of Iran and seven conflicts

Virginia Democrat lashes out at party over rhetoric, treatment of Republicans

Alito: Obama besieged Constitution with “unprecedented challenges”

Turkey legalizes child rape through marriage

Turkey cheered by words of Michael Flynn, Trump’s security adviser

Iran pivots toward oil deal. Expect Iraq to go rogue.

Please. Seriously.

Fed up with EU, Erdogan says Turkey could join Shanghai bloc

Erdogan’s global anti-Gulen drive hits Pakistan

Merkel tells party ready to seek fourth term as chancellor

McCain: “I don’t give a damn” what Trump wants. We won’t waterboard.

Mike Pence responds to Hamiltongate: “I wasn’t offended”

Paul Ryan to drive Trump’s agenda in first 100 days as transition team lags

Can Trump deliver to his base on economics?

Left-wing site slams Priebus for saying registry is not based on religion. It’s not.

The “tolerant” left takes their claws out with attacks on Melania Trump and son, Barron

3 reasons why I hope Obama pardons Hillary

Chuck Schumer learns that on Nuclear Option, what goes around comes around

Then and Now

Bombing has destroyed all of Aleppo’s hospitals

Sarkozy finished off with third place in French primary

Further horrors in Syria as Assad bombs hospitals, kills children

Russian President Putin says Trump confirmed willing to mend ties

Obama seeks to fortify Iran nuclear deal

Turkey’s disillusionment with the U.S.

…Washington Times: Erdogan thinks series of military and diplomatic decisions by Washington that have undermined the country’s security in the region

Paul Ryan on defunding Planned Parenthood: “Our position has not changed”

No Christian persecution in the US? Try telling that to these Christians.

Family’s reaction after terrorist kills toddler outside of church: “God teaches us to forgive”

For the last time, Americans have voted to repeal Obamacare

HUD gives poor more rent money to live in “higher opportunity” areas with “lower poverty”

Can Trump seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fix the tax code?

…CR: Or the Federal Reserve?

Some in the media dig in against ‘normalizing’ Donald Trump

The new war on conservative media

Real AP headline: Trump staff picks ‘injustice to America’

Howard Dean: Stephen Bannon a “Nazi”

Muslim Brotherhood front group secretly paid $13K for Keith Ellison pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia

Schumer says the GOP will “rue the day” it repeals Obamacare

Clinton fights demand for more information on emails

The not-yet-emerging Democratic majority

How the new attorney general should pursue the Clinton Foundation

Pelosi’s House rival denounced as sexist for opposing “the most accomplished woman in Congress”

No really, Ann Coulter. Just stop.

NY Times faces major backlash after biased election coverage

What would it take to spark media introspection over Mideast coverage?

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