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Fidel Castro Cuba

In church this weekend a prayer was offered “for the people of Cuba.”  I did not laugh out loud, that would be wrong but in a state of utter incredulity asked my neighbor “do we fear the people of Cuba will suffer aneurysms from joy?”  This is a sadly true, however witty anecdote.  Certainly these people have needed our prayers for decades, why the passing of a criminal mastermind should illicit this concern frankly stuns .

The pervasive whitewash of the truth of communism offends me. The adoption of this whitewash as truth is something more. To believe an ideology that is manifestly, repeatably and demonstrably based on lies, control and ultimately overt criminality requires an impressive suite of psychological possibilities. Gullibility, simply buying into an idea without reflection or discernment certainly accounts for some but fails to satisfy.

To imagine a system, a state structure, composed of individuals will manifest traits of fairness and equality for all while at the same time claiming this system is needed because people left to their own devices are insufficiently fair and sharing is quite a remarkable non sequitur.  It is presumed the “right people” are in charge which requires the type of bias, prejudice and arrogance that the leftists are always sniveling about as they project these qualities on the “right.”  It is such an interesting question, how intelligent and educated people can time and again suspend all logic in the advance or  argument for communism. Perhaps an answer is  here.

I find, despite the richly deserved dancing in the streets of Miami celebrating the death of Fidel Castro that I am saddened by his passing.  Well, truthfully it is the timing that saddens me, if they could have only propped him up in the corner for a few more months we would be saved the coming spectacle of an American president weeping at the casket of a miserable communist dictator.

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