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I guess we’re seeing a trend. This is a lot of links from last week. Loads of them, in fact. I blame illness on the lack of attentiveness, though I wasn’t sick. Others were, and that’s enough for me to make this excuse. Still, it’s plenty of links for you to enjoy for a while.

Patriot Gary Sinise dedicates homes to a wounded veteran

“No-shave November” successful for a decade but now under attack for being too masculine

The bureaucracy is now more powerful than Congress

George Takei

The election excitement may be over, but the federal debt crisis isn’t

Is the Obamacare repeal destined to go down like Hillarycare?

Black Friday Madness

Islamic terrorists have a plan for the West’s annihilation and it could work

Turkey’s push for Syrian town complicates anti-Islamic State fight

Israel arrests 13 on suspicion of arson over mass wildfires

How to destroy arguments to abolish the electoral college

Mike Lee: Conservatives and populists are natural partners

This liberal philosopher proves the left loves authoritarianism

KT McFarland, Fox News National Security analyst and former Reagan official, named deputy National Security Advisor

The GOP’s future as the party of industry

Does victory mean Trumpism is always right?

Legal immigration also lawless under Obama: Green cards with false info, sent twice, missing

Judiciary chairmen criticize Obama’s unilateral acceptance of migrants barred from Australia

5 police officers shot since Sunday, 1 still fighting for his life

If the Pilgrims arrived today

Politico Editor fired for inciting physical violence

6 things you need to know about “fake news”

Trump’s plan to defeat the media will probably work

Nikki Haley gets U.N. ambassadorship

…Shapiro: 4 reasons Trump picking Haley is smart

…RedState: Ann Coulter hardest hit by Haley news

Trump taps Common Core supporter DeVos for Education Secretary

This woman is dominating her cycle racing. Except she’s not a woman.

Pro-life woman praying on sidewalk says abortion clinic got her arrested by claiming she had a bomb

…LiveActionNews: Pro-lifer arrested under false charges files suit against Michigan abortion facility

U.S. abortion rate falls to lowest level in decades

Planned Parenthood wants to ruin Thanksgiving

Mourning in America

It’s a scam: Recount defies White House, Clinton facts

…Twitchy: White House obliterates recount effort: ‘election reflects will of the people’

…Washington Times: Wisconsin elections officials see no proof of hacking of voting machines

Jesse Jackson doubles down, heaping lavish praise on tyrannical Communist dictator Fidel Castro

Judge Ferrer: Colin Kaepernick would be arrested and shot if he protested in Cuba

French: What Fidel Castro taught me about the radical left

Jonah Goldberg: Building infrastructure that even a conservative could love

Obama Anonymous: Community organizing to continue from outside the White House

The left burns over Trump being President. So, bring out Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals

Democrats received 100% of CFPB donations

Hillary Clinton’s email woes persist after election: ‘Nothing has been settled’

Clinton’s useful idiot Jill Stein heaps praise on Cuba’s dead dictator

Obama administration rushes to pass at least 98 new regulations

Hill and Jill contesting together
Hill and Jill contesting together

…RightScoop: Team Clinton to support Stein’s efforts

…Bloomberg: Sore loser jibe from Team Trump

…Malkin: Hillary ‘questioning election results threatens democracy’ Clinton joins Jill Stein’s recount effort

Vladimir Putin: Russia’s borders do not end anywhere

Russia mocks U.S. for refusing to fight terrorism

Turkey’s Erdogan escalates war of words with European Union

In northern Iraq, Yazidis risk all to flee Islamic State

Security Blanket

The left’s appalling whitewashing of Castro’s legacy

…Lifezette: Liberals play apologist for Castro’s repressive legacy

…Retort: Even more Schadenfreude

The Islamic State-Taliban rivalry in Afghanistan

U.S. Senate considering 10-year extension on Iran sanctions

‘Know your limits,’ Erdoğan tells European Parliament

Iraq Christians facing crucifixions, torture by Islamic State

Nuclear material said stolen from Iran could yield ‘dirty bomb’

Obama’s labor market mischief

Over 30M Americans are “underinsured” under Obamacare

Federal government blows @247B on “wasteful and ineffective spending”

Why we should have seen the transgender craze coming

Woman who bragged about her abortion  at DNC likely running for party chair

Ministries and money: Christian charities that use your money wisely

Planned Parenthood rep breaks irony meter: ‘Every child should be loved’

After OSU misfire, Moms Demand founder’s blocking of Dana Loesch is just proof that she’s winning

The latest de Blasio gun control effort

Ex-marine pleads guilty to stealing the valor of fellow marine to secure a house and other benefits

Immigration: The left again embraces nullification of federal laws

AP finally calls Darrell Issa’s reelection contest

Millennials create conservative Ky think tank

The electoral college’s Democratic Federalism

GOP wants to defund Planned Parenthood in 2017. They no excuse not to.

The left’s utterly ridiculous claim that police are trained to “shoot to interview”

Fake guns kill people

The ACLU is once again unhappy when the Border Patrol actually does its job

It’s not gun makers’ fault people commit crimes with their products

Can Congress force an end to “sanctuary city” policies?

Lefty blogger Atrios: Media will cover up for Trump like they did for Reagan and Dubya

Is MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi turning conservative?

Conservative media’s job today: Holding the powerful to account

Student journalist who interviewed Ohio State attacker speaks up

Turkey’s Erdogan accuses Israel of curbing Muslim prayers

How Turkey’s Erdogan played Europe… and won

Will Total deal pave way for other oil majors’ return to Iran?

Chaldean bishop urges solidarity with suffering Christians of Middle East

Imprisoned Chinese pastor pens absolutely incredible letter to his wife: “Rest in God’s arms”

Late-term abortionist Hern takes out full-page ad against Congressional panel

Newsweek editor’s explanation for ‘Madam President’ issue just begged for this zing

Fake news sites continue false claim about the Iran nuke deal

Trump would likely agree: ‘Watch out for the lying media’

Blame Game

Social justice warriors rail against Disney’s “Moana”

Bette Midler makes racist joke about Asian Trump nominee

Film on Genesis coming to theaters in February

“Gosnell” movie producer say major Hollywood studios are rejecting it as “too controversial”

The Recount

Democrats very angry they lost their money betting on Hillary

Anti-Defamation League: Ellison’s past remarks about Israel ‘disqualifying’

…Algemeiner: ADL retracts support for Ellison

Obama’s contempt for the white working class is as strong as ever

Trump 2015: Burning the American flag is free speech

Reince: Trump had mitt in tears at dinner

No to McCaul: We can’t afford another willfully blind DHS Secretary

…Horowitz: McCaul would be a McHuge mistake

Former lawyer for Casey Anthony arrested in massive drug smuggling case

Does current immigration economically benefit ordinary U.S. citizens?

Rather than securing the border, Obama has border control agents cooking burritos for illegals

Americans4Work: How to boost minority employment

Levi Strauss CEO doesn’t want you bringing your gun into his stores

Voters in three states breathe new life into death penalty

A new confederacy? Levin exposes the left’s sanctuary city crap-scheme

Jeff Sessions is wrong on marijuana policy

Obama administration raided HHS programs to pay for illegal alien minors

Despite Russian involvement in Syria, Israel to maintain watchful eye

U.S. general sees ‘uptick’ in bad behavior by Iran since nuke deal

North Korea reportedly expanding brutal prison camps

After OSU Islamic terrorist attack, Obama did what he always does: defends Islam

El Presidente

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