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Things are changing at The New Americana. In fact, you can probably find the link about the changes hidden somewhere in this super-long link list. Rejoice, as it’s the last time we’ll be allowing the link list to go this long. Since we’ll be limiting the length of time allowed for links to be on the front page, these link lists will be made more frequently. You win. Let’s do this!

Trump and the media: Star-crossed lovers

Don’t be played by the liberal media: An open letter to all minorities

Network disgraced by Dan Rather forged document scandal — warns of ‘fake news’

CNN’s Van Jones claims Trump “helps make” Muslims “radical”

Why is fake news so popular?

The submarine affair gets complicated: How Israeli funds may reach Iran

Trump Pentagon pick General Mattis accused Israel of heading to “apartheid”

More British Muslims blame Jews for 9/11 terror attacks than al Qaeda

Still counting

Putin confirms Russia not involved in attack against Turkish forces: Erdogan

Hands off Israel at U.N., Republican lawmakers urge Obama

‘Distraught’ Gitmo detainees panicked when they learned about Trump’s victory

What global warming? Hawaii is getting snow

Burn the flag, NOT the Constitution

Meet the top 5 contenders to lead the RNC and DNC

Venezuela’s largest bank note is now worth 2 U.S. cents

McDonald’s kiosks and why “Fight for $15” hurts the young, poor, and unskilled minorities

Time for America to relearn the ABC’s

Kellogg’s bowl of deplorables

Worried about trade deficits? Don’t, they’re ‘job-generating foreign investment surpluses for a better America’


Chicago pledges $1 million fund to protect ‘anxious’ immigrants from Trump deportations

Concealed handgun reciprocity is dangerous? A challenge to the LA Times.

Hundreds of D.C. murders committed by “youths” who received lenient sentences

Is this the greatest police recruitment video of all time?

Artifact found validating ancient Jewish claim to Judea

France threatens free speech, votes to shuts down “misleading” pro-life websites

Pro-choice organization holds contest to avoid ‘bulging’ belly stock photos for abortion stories

The U.S. military’s 2017 defense budget protects its most important weapon: Submarines

Islamic State leaders called to choose successor to Baghdadi

Trump team considering new non-nuclear sanctions on Iran

Why our allies love James Mattis and our adversaries fear him

…NoisyRoom: For General Mattis As SecDef, mission is Iran

…Forward: Republican Jews embrace James Mattis as Defense Chief despite Israel “apartheid” remark

Trump announces 35 percent punishment tax on companies that offshore jobs
Trump announces 35% punishment tax on companies that offshore jobs

…Caruso: It would be a total disaster

…RightScoop: There’s one glaring obvious problem

…Federalist Party: The three points of focus to reduce the size of the federal government

Liberal village

McCrory to enlist SBI in rooting out potential voter fraud in North Carolina

Pence replies to Palin calling Carrier deal “crony capitalism”

…DailyWire: Here’s the problem with Pence’s claim

Time for the GOP to reward the Christians who stood with them

Russian-Iranian pro-Assad coalition on verge of huge victory in Syria ahead of Trump’s inauguration

Israeli airstrikes in Syria prelude to Damascus attack?

U.S. border patrol agents grapple with sudden surge of Central American migrants

Russia: Security service says it killed Islamic State ’emir’ in a raid

Ford CEO expresses interest in working with Trump, says less regulation is key to saving U.S. jobs

The dead don’t just vote… they collect pension benefits too

Student sues university after accruing $223K in debt but getting no degree

Hollywood’s back to torture us with more progressive activism

Globe columnist lies four times in one post to keep black Americans disarmed

It’s official: The FBI can now hack your computer without consent

Anti-gun hysteria is hazardous to your health

Turkey’s crackdown turns on U.S. Christians, analysts warns

Liam Neeson resigns from Catholic boxing club after members upset he made video promoting abortion

Woman sues New Mexico abortion clinic for violating informed consent

Proposed bill authorizes the federal government to equip disabled individuals with tracking devices

Representative Babin calls on Congress to deny refugee resettlement funding increase

Obama launches prison school district to improve inmate literacy

PSA challenges viewers to spot chilling warning signs of gun violence, like reading a magazine about firearms

U.S. Central America policy should address corrupt Nicaragua regime

Venezuelan women sell their hair to buy medicine

In first, Israel denies BDS activist entrance to the country

Leah Remini’s documentary is turning scientology’s celebrity obsession back on itself

Steve Deace’s ‘A Nefarious Plot’ to become major motion picture

TV show outrages millennials by depicting them as easily outraged

Hollywood suppresses movie documenting serial killer Kermit Gosnell

Ohio Senate passes bill to ban all abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat begins

Christian-owned bed and breakfast must host gay weddings, state panel finds

Blogger describes the suffering of women from late-term abortions

This professor had to cancel his ‘moral problems’ class after PC students took over his classroom

Professor calls Trump’s election “an act of terrorism”

Students’ union mocks campus censorship culture with joke ban on “hateful” orange juice

Duke explores stiffer penalties for ‘bias and hate’ offenses

Harvard President rejects “sanctuary campus” policy

CEOs of AT&T, Time Warner to sell merger to skeptical Senate

Large conservative groups to Congress: No lame duck internet sales tax

Inflation is not about price increases

Michael McCaul calls for end of ‘politically correct’ homeland security policies

Trump’s Russia “reset”?

Newt Gingrich stuns Twitter with ‘shameful’ Pearl Harbor Day tweet

Will the Trump administration start a war with Iran?

Trump: We'll work something out with DREAMers that will make people happy and proud

Trump: We’ll work something out with DREAMers…Politico: “They’re in never-never land because they don’t know what’s going to happen.”

…RightScoop: Which people are going to be happy and proud

How the GOP establishment teamed with Nancy Pelosi to save the corrupt IRS chief

Blame North Carolina Republicans for Governor McCrory’s loss

Betting markets favor Romney for Secretary of State

Report: Trump’s choice for Secretary of State narrowed down to two

Trump the progressive
Trump the progressive

…Washington Times: Trump’s new tone on immigrant kids divides GOP

… Let’s be honest about Trump and his trade policies

…Strident Conservative: Trump likes Obama and his pro-amnesty executive orders

…American Thinker: Trump wants to legalize ‘Dreamers,’ admit huge number of new immigrants

ISIS is contained

Congressman calls Fox’s Tucker Carlson a Russian agent on prime time television

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly says it’s ‘dangerous’ that ‘Americans aren’t listening’ to the press

Patterico: Fake news complaints by big media are fake

Planned Parenthood sues Alaska to kill babies in late-term abortions

Israel is the last hope for Christians in the Middle East

Pro-lifers challenge Illinois law compelling abortion endorsement

Representative Thomas Massie to chair revived 2nd Amendment Caucus in Congress

In Texas, Republicans fight new sanctuary cities in wake of Trump victory

NYC officer showcases Christmas spirit by gifting homeless man a “special” pair of socks

Associated Press Tweets awful, misleading and dangerous description of officer-involved shooting

Obama frustrated he didn’t take our guns

Janet Napolitano: ‘No law’ says sanctuary cities have to cooperate with the feds

If you want Trump to succeed, tell him to stop being petty

“Underhanded tactics” of BDS movement unnerve Jews in college campuses worldwide

Campus officials shut down broadcast of students protesting newspaper ban

Will Pennsylvania add education savings accounts to school choice mix?

How the safety of students and faculty are compromised to achieve the leftist agenda

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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