This is our best chance for term limits

Term Limits

With proposed legislation from Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis in the making, there could term limits very soon.  This could be the best chance ever for conservatives to impose the long sought after term limits. With all around right-wing control and the drain the swamp narrative still fresh, this could be the best time to enact this legislation.

Drain The Swamp Bill

Both Cruz and Desantis have referred to it as the “Drain The Swamp Bill” and have said it is the only way to end career politicians. The Bill proposes a two-term limit for the Senate and three-term limit for the House. They have tapped into the Founding Father’s fear of a political class forming, and noted that the rulers are no longer the servants as they intended it to be.

This is a very sought after piece of legislation, although it failed in 1998 and 2012. However, with Obama gone the threat of a veto is out the window. President-elect Trump has even showed support for a term-limits bill making it much easier. A term-limit bill has never had this much support, so the timing is nearly perfect to get this done.

Overwhelming Support

Americans have never supported term limits more than now. With a Rasmussen poll stating that 74% are in support, 13% are not, and 13% undecided. This is a staggering amount, and because of this it should garner enough bipartisan support to easily pass.

The actual rejection of the bill is the irony of why it should pass. Naysayers should realize that a majority of Americans want this, and their job of a public servant is to represent the people, not themselves.

With all of the branches under Republican control – and the largest majority of state legislatures of all time – it should be easy. If the Republicans in the Senate and House are the conservatives that they say they are, there should be no problem. The bill is likely to be introduced next month for Congress to review. After that it should have an easy time being ratified by the states with the legendary majority of state legislatures. This is shaping up to be the exact moment that conservatives have been waiting for for so long.

Michael Jones

Social Media Director & Writer for The Rouser. Writer for The New Americana. Auburn University '19 Finance Major, War Eagle. Lover of everything politics & coffee.

  1., we expect people in power, that through this election have demonstrated they only care about power to support relinquishing said power? Love to see it happen, but my faith in ANY political party currently in Washington evaporated in the 2016 election cycle.

    1. I completely understand your concerns. However, you can’t disagree that this is our best chance that we’ve ever had. I know that in theory Republicans are supposed to be the conservative party but that isn’t fully true. But to the ones that deny it, we will have our traitors, those that claim conservatism but do not uphold it. Then we can fight back against them. This is our only choice, we have to hold them accountable. I do believe this is our best chance ever and that we have a good chance at it. The people have spoken, we shall see if the “public servants” are listening.

  2. We also need term limits on congressional staffers and bureaucrats. What good is putting a new face in office if the same old legion of pencil-pushers from the previous office holder are still in place, manipulating the newbie?

    1. Absolutely need that addressed at well. But we must start somewhere. Term limits will be the first step then we can address stagnated bureaucracies. However, if we do not get our foot in the door we will never accomplish either. This is our best chance to get it started.

  3. There are no excuses that the GOP can give this time, for not passing this bill and sending it to the states. My contention is the only reason they (the pseudo-conservatives) would consider it, is because they do not want the CoS to happen. This will be a true litmus test of the character of those in congress. If they do not have the spines to do it,1) we the people will, and 2) there will be no doubt what their true colors are.

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