The real reason Hollywood is pushing their electoral college narrative

Hollywood Electoral College

Many Republicans have been scratching their heads wondering why so much time, money, and effort are being put into a futile attempt to prevent Donald Trump from getting the 270 electoral college votes necessary to officially be named President. The reason their motives elude many of us is because we don’t normally think as deviously as liberals.

They don’t believe they have any chance of preventing Trump from being President or Mike Pence from being Vice President. If they can keep Trump under 270, he will still be selected by the GOP-controlled House and Pence will still be selected by the GOP-controlled Senate. It’s also not about tainting his Presidency by forcing the vote to the House as some commentators have speculated. That’s simply not important enough for them to be so driven by this particular narrative.

Nothing will change for Trump or Pence if they are prevented from getting to 270, but one thing will change for members of both chambers of Congress.

Liberals are banking on Trump having a disastrous Presidency. As such, they want to get every Republican on Capitol Hill to be on record as supporting him. If Trump’s Presidency is as bad as they hope, they don’t want any Congressman or Senator to distance themselves completely from Trump before their seat comes up for election.

This move isn’t about stopping a Trump Presidency. It’s about attaching the entire GOP to Trump in hopes that they can have a complete reversal of power in 2020.

The funny part is that most if not all of the actors they’re using have no idea about the true motivation for their actions. They believe they can influence the election by keeping Trump down and then somehow convincing Congress that they need to elect Hillary Clinton or someone else instead. They’re so manipulated by their own ego and perceived influence that they think they can change the outcome. They cannot, but they were easy prey for the liberal power brokers who are behind the initiative.

It’s conspicuous in the video that they specifically say they aren’t encouraging electors to vote for Hillary Clinton. By doing this, they think they are outsmarting everyone into believing that someone else could be named President. In reality, the only three options the House of Representatives will have if they’re required to pick the President is Trump, Clinton, and whoever has the third-highest electoral college vote numbers. If two or three of the electors pick Mitt Romney, for example, then that option would be available to Congress.

It won’t happen. Even if Paul Ryan were the third-place electoral college vote finisher, there is zero chance that Congress would select him. The only thing that could prevent them from sticking with Trump is some humongous scandal coming out before they take their first vote. We’re not talking about “grab them” videos or bad tax returns. It would take a recording of him promising to give the nuclear codes to Vladimir Putin’s or a video of him killing Harambe to reverse the will of the GOP voters.

Democratic puppet masters play their cards adeptly. This election was an anomaly of devastatingly poor strategy. They’re normally more cunning, and this play with Hollywood is an example of them pulling the strings in their direction.

Here’s the video in question:

JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.


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