Russia didn’t do it and yesterday’s links

Okay, so this headline is a bit misleading. We’re not suggesting that Russia didn’t attempt to influence the Presidential election. They’ve probably tried to influence every Presidential election for decades. This year is more pronounced with the impact of technology, but it’s still there. All we’re saying is that the influence wasn’t the reason that Hillary Clinton lost. Hillary Clinton is the reason Hillary Clinton lost.

Archaeologists: Jewish movement to liberate Jerusalem started in year 67, not 1967

Mark Wahlberg: I’m “optimistic” about Trump’s presidency

The CIA has always been incompetent

Bridenstine: Why Trump won

Trump’s self-defeating trade policy

Chris Christie reportedly said no to multiple positions in the Trump administration

Erickson: Republicans should seriously scrutinize Rex Tillerson if he is nominated

Fake news about Obamacare repeal

High anxiety continues over Obama in the U.N. until January 20

Liberals target 1st Amendment with cries of “fake news”

Dems grapple with lessons from Clinton disaster

Did Chinese money fuel North Carolina Democrat Roy Cooper’s gubernatorial race?

Geert Wilders as Patrick Henry

Nanny State of the Week: Dallas parking nannies are also watching your bedtime

Surveillance bill rammed through House allows government to spy on Americans

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