Obama’s gift to Planned Parenthood and yesterday’s links

On his way out, President Obama gave one final gift to Planned Parenthood – protecting them from state defunding. It’s likely not going to make a difference long term because the federal government will likely attempt to defund them, but it makes the President feel better.

Al Qaeda boss: Saudi terrorist rehab praised by Obama is “hidden radicalization program”

Trump and Iran’s Achilles Heel(s)

Report: Islamic State manufacturing weapons on industrial scale

Conservative reps to give Trump a book of 200 regulations he can eliminate

What conflict of interests? Trump son involved in Interior Secretary pick

GOP voters have warmed to Putin

Trump’s national security adviser may have pulled a ‘Hillary’ by sharing classified info

Levin shreds pro-Putin, global warming alarmist Rex Tillerson

Democrats are actually trying to steal the election by swinging electors

Keith Ellison’s excuse for past antisemitic comments is beyond laughable

Judge orders Colorado electors to vote for Hillary Clinton

3 dumb arguments about Donald Trump’s win Democrats need to stop making immediately

The parochial progressive obsession with Ayn Rand

Ted Cruz chimes in on Trump’s pick for Secretary of State

Term limits would infuse Congress with “new blood,” lawmakers agree

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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