Trump to China: On second thought, just keep the drone you stole

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President-elect Donald Trump is sharpening his foreign relations skills in the most Trumpian way. He started the day off with a good message that unfortunately contained a spelling mistake. Then, he got it right, calling China out for stealing the naval drone from international waters. So far, so good, other than the spelling gaffe.

Eleven hours later, after China had agreed to give back the drone, Trump decided that we don’t want our drone back after all.

Trump tells China to keep the drone

I wasn’t the only person to had to double check to make sure it wasn’t a parody account.

Let’s put aside, for a moment, the fact that he really shouldn’t be using Twitter for foreign policy random thoughts. Just today I admitted that I liked the idea of a POTUS giving real-time updates through the platform, but once again I have to put my foot back in my mouth.

The real issue here is that one of two things just happened: Either he was being sarcastic or he’s serious. If he’s being sarcastic, one does not have to be a seasoned diplomat or master negotiator to know that sarcasm doesn’t play well in foreign affairs. It’s sort of a given. As much as I’d like to assume Trump knows this, he’s shocked me too many times in the past to take that for granted.

If we’re going with option two that he’s being serious, then I’ll hold myself back from using the appropriate curse-laden exclamations of bewilderment. Is he taking his upcoming role of Commander-in-Chief seriously? Does he realize that we’re not in hypothetical mode anymore because he’s the actual President-elect now?

I won’t say it’s the most irresponsible thing he’s Tweeted since winning the election (there have been so many) but it may be the most troubling. If this would be his actual policy if he were President today, my worst nightmares about his presidency pale in comparison. This was supposed to be one of the areas where he had strength. Does he not realize that the childish retort akin to “I didn’t want it anyway” is a crystal clear display of military weakness?

The humor in all of this is that Trump aides have spent the day claiming it was Trump who got China to get the drone returned in the first place.

At some point in the next month, Donald Trump needs to start taking this seriously. He holds the fate of the nation in his hands. Irresponsible, immature Twitter comments are not going to make American great again. It’s time for him to start that mythical epic journey towards acting presidential.

Here’s that Tweet, in case it wasn’t deleted:

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  1. Yeah, China, just keep it. That way, you can reverse engineer it and figure out how to make your own and/or sabotage ours.

  2. Wow! Instantly I remembered by days as a child when I read Trumps quote to just keep it. Does anyone else remember? Back then, we said to keep things because we didnt want to catch cooties!!! The Chinese government must have Cooties according to Trumps logic.
    These statements happen when a rich pussy tries to be a tough guy. Does anyone think Trump was a tough guy? Was he in the marines? what sport did he excel at? look at his pics when he was younger. Does he look tough? Was he raised in a tough neighborhood?
    Cmon. His group of voters will soon see how they were played by this tough guy. Hillary in prison, a wall which Mexico isnt gonna pay for, minimum wage? Forget it people, you were played. Hell the tiny Mexican Prez told him off in his first meeting. Some tough guy, huh?

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