Comey’s flip-flop and yesterday’s links

James Comey was against Hillary Clinton before he was for her, then against her again before he was for her again. It’s more complicated than that; he’s in law enforcement and therefore goes where the evidence leads. He’s also a politician and has to go where the political winds blow, which is why it’s conspicuous that even after the election he’s flip-flopping once again. This time, he’s changing his perspective on the validity of the CIA report on Russian election hacking.

Conservative News

American pro-Israel group to participate in annual global initiative to buy Israeli good for charity and fight BDS

Report: Russians almost hacked the U.S. military in 2015

Turkey preparing for Coup 2.0?

How Russia’s cyberattacks have affected Ukraine

After Clinton loss, Obama tries the tough guy routine with Russia

After Clinton loss, Obama tries the tough guy routine with Russia

…TheBlaze: Obama vows to take action for Russian interference in election

…RightScoop: “At a time and place of our choosing”

…Mediaite: Wasn’t going to risk cyberwar with Russia because he assumed Hillary would win

…Russia to Obama: Put up or shut up

The five stages of losing an election to Donald Trump

After Obama’s failure, two ways forward in Syria

…Buchanan: The lessons of Aleppo

David Horowitz: Identity politics are anti-American

Speaking of Fake News...

White Oscar contenders attacked for daring to compete with diverse actors, films

Director still in denial about why political Ghostbusters flopped

Schwarzenegger offers best advice yet to liberals after Trump win

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