China plays with America and yesterday’s links

There was really no other reason for the Chinese navy to steal a scientific drone in international waters if not to mess with the United States. Perhaps they were testing for reactions from President-elect Trump. Maybe they were just messing with President Obama one last time. We’ll watch to see how it plays out.

Conservative News

Trump declares ‘Vanity Fair’ dead, new subscriptions break a record in response

Main gas company to Trump voters: Find another supplier or freeze

Trump should pardon Hillary just to drive her insane

Never Trump nevermore

The 11 worst fact-checks by Facebook’s new fact-checkers

Steve Deace gives his predictions for 2017

Obamas take their annual, and final, taxpayer-funded multi-million dollar, two-week vacay to Hawaii

Krugman says Trump may hope for terror attack

NY Times columnist floats crazy conspiracy theory about Trump

MRC’s Bozell: “Assured” by Facebook fact checking won’t target stories based on politics

Obama press conference highlights

Obama press conference “highlights”

…Obama on Republicans softening on Putin: ‘Reagan would roll over in his grave’

…Obama: ‘The Electoral College is a vestige’

…Obama slams Assad, Russia in final press conference of 2016

…Obama: “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did 8 years ago”

…Gabriel: Obama press conference crushes progressive fantasies

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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